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The mission of mnpACT! is to build a progressive community based upon the core values of respect, dignity and opportunity, by educating people about progressive ideas, advocating for progressive issues, and electing progressive candidates to local, state and federal offices.

The House GOP Only Accepts Fiscal Notes They Like
by Dave Mindeman

The House GOP members are getting to be a piece of work. Now they have delayed the teacher tenure bill over a fiscal note dispute.

The estimate arrived a few hours before a scheduled House floor session. But House Ways and Means Chairman Jim Knoblach, R-St. Cloud, said he's still not convinced that there is a fiscal impact.....Rep. Jenifer Loon of Eden Prairie, the bill's chief sponsor, said she thinks the fiscal note is "bogus," and blamed DFL Gov. Mark Dayton.

And what did the fiscal note indicate?

Minnesota Management and . . .
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MN House GOP Plans To "Ensure" Quality Teaching For All
by Dave Mindeman

The Minnesota House GOP has become education oriented apparently. They have stated their TOP education priority via a bill by Rep. Jennifer Loon:

The top education proposal from House Republicans would require public school districts to negotiate local policies for layoffs and other staffing decisions that emphasize a teacher's performance over seniority. It would end the practice known as "last in, first out."

This has been talked about for some time and I still do not understand how this is going to "guarantee" a quality teacher for every kid. At least . . .
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What Does House GOP Have Against Pre-K?
by Dave Mindeman

Pre-K education has some distinct advantages for the future of our kids. Take a look at this graphic....


Study followed low-income children:

Improves IQ at 5
Achieves basic or better at age 14
Improved graduation rate by 20 points
Improved likelihood of home ownership at 27
Improved capability of earning over $20,000 at 40

Numerous studies have been done (ex.:Tulsa Pre-K, the High/Scope Study) that show distinct and irrefutable improvements for kids that have utilized Pre-K education.

The graphic above shows results of the High/Scopes . . .
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It Would Be Funny If It Wasn't So Damn Serious
by Dave Mindeman

The Mall of America was listed as a target by Al-Shabaab in a recently recent video. The reaction has been kind of pathetic.

Rep. Tony Cornish thinks we need more guns.

Asked to expand on why he thinks banning guns in the mall's common areas isn't smart, Cornish says, "A terrorist pays no attention to signs. A terrorist is going to come in and cause mass casualties and couldn't care less if you have a petty misdemeanor violation of a sign," he continues. "It creates a kill zone of unarmed sheep . . .
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. . .
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