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The mission of mnpACT! is to build a progressive community based upon the core values of respect, dignity and opportunity, by educating people about progressive ideas, advocating for progressive issues, and electing progressive candidates to local, state and federal offices.

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The Trump Health Care Disaster
by Dave Mindeman

Who is most affected by Trump's decision to suspend ACA subsidies....

States with the highest average monthly tax credit for premiums:

AK - NC -WV - OK - AZ - TN - AL - NE - WY - CT - SD - MN - LA - PA - SC

If it looks a little red to you, you are right. 13 of 15 are Trump states.

States with total dollars received from ACA premium credits:

FL -CA -TX -NC -VA -PA - GA - IL - MI - NJ - MO . . .
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Using The 25th Amendment
by Dave Mindeman

According to the workings of the 25th amendment, it would take 14 people to set in motion the removal of Donald Trump.

13 Members of the cabinet (a majority) and VP Mike Pence.

So, let's speculate about where his cabinet people would come down on this:

Sec of State - Rex Tillerson (think he wouldn't do this right now?)

Treasury - Steve Mnuchin (follower not a leader, so don't count on him)

Defense - James Mattis (I think he'd be in the 'kick him out' camp)

Attorney General - Jeff . . .
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Single Payer Is NOT A Litmus Test
by Dave Mindeman

I have long been a single payer advocate. Four years ago I wrote a piece for Minnpost regarding this - and I stand by those words.

However, in the political world, single payer gets jacked around with false notions and false assumptions. Conservatives have managed to hijack a lot of perceptions about single payer. False perceptions but out there never-the-less.

The pushback against single payer is still a problem. And for this reason, I will not force Democratic candidates to abide by some single payer litmus test. If they hold to the universal . . .
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It Is Trump Showing Disrespect
by Dave Mindeman

With all the things Trump does to roil his base up and roil the rest of us into a frenzy, this "honor the flag" thing is the most curious and the most divisive.

Colin Kaepernick is not currently playing and the time line involving his silent protest started quietly and without notice.

On the August 14 and August 20th exhibition games, Kaepernick sat on the bench instead of standing. Nobody noticed. Then on August 26th, a reporter tweeted out a photo in general about the 49er bench and it showed Kaepernick sitting, barely visible . . .
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20 Questions/Statements
by Dave Mindeman

So many issues. So little time. The list that rattles around my brain....

1) How does a party that calls our national debt a disgrace - keep coming up with policy after policy of tax cuts? David Stockman, the OMB director under Ronald Reagan, says it is Republican policies that are the real culprit leading to the national debt we have now.

2) Conspiracy nuts run wild on everything else - but they won't accept the real facts on the Russia/Trump investigation.

3) Every time there is a mass shooting incident - Alex . . .
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