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We Need to Fight Again to Stop Fast Track of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Keep Up the Pressure to Defeat Fast Track of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
If You're Worried About the Trans-Pacific Partnership, You Need to Call Congress Today
At Least 240,000 People Want to Cancel All Student Debt
Republicans Want to Mark Tax Day With a Gift to the Top 0.2 Percent
Should Philip Morris Be Able to Sue Governments That Try to Curb Smoking?
We Need to End the Student Loan Debt Crisis
Today Is a Big Day for the Internet
We Want to Stream Your Net Neutrality Messages on a Jumbotron
Tell Congress to Put an Expiration Date on Mass Surveillance
Defend the Clean Water Act
10 Ways to Help Keep Fish Healthy and Water Clean
We've Almost Won the Fight for Net Neutrality
Demand That Congress Reject ‘Fast Track’ for the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Don't Let Congress Kill Negotiations with Iran
Blowing the Whistle on Government Recklessness Is Not a Crime
Thousands of Americans Demand Transparency Around Bush-Era Torture
Before Senator Mark Udall Leaves Office, He Can Make History
Act Now to Save the Open Internet
Here’s Something Your State Can Do to Fight Corporate Money in Politics
Why Are We Using Prisons to Treat the Mentally Ill?
In the Wake of Ferguson, Demand Concrete Change
Stand Up for Internet Freedom
Excited About the New iPhone 6? You Should Read This Report
Six Ways to Fight for Racial Justice
Here on the mnpACT! action page you'll find all the tips and information you need to ACT! To challenge the latest outrages from the Republican led U.S. House of Representatives and the Minnesota State Legislature, as well as the extremist Tea Party.

It is human nature to put off for another day some of those things that need action today. We will try to help you prioritize. We will present you with easy, effective ways to take action NOW!
Constitutional Amendment to Counter Citizens United - "Get the Dough out of Politics" - From Ben & Jerry's!
At Ben & Jerry?s, we know dough belongs in ice cream, not in politics.

But crazy big money is pouring into the 2012 elections,drowning out the voices of regular people.

And the U.S. Supreme Court has even ruled that corporations can spend UNLIMITED money to support or oppose candidates for public office.

Hey, we?re a company ? but that?s a terrible idea! Democracy is for people.

We think it?s time to Get the Dough Out of Politics and make our elected leaders accountable to the people once again. We?ll be traveling all over the country and the Interwebs this year to spread the word.

No matter how you vote ? right-wing, left wing, wing-nut, or nut-free - please join us in the growing national movement to Get the Dough Out of Politics. It really matters!

Come visit us at GettheDoughOut.org to learn more and take action today

Tell your state legislators: Stand with us, not with ALEC!
ALEC, funded by a long list of America's largest corporations has funded voter ID, "Stand Your Ground" and many other extreme right wing causes.

Thanks to the voices of constituents, ALEC, their corporate backers, and their legislator members are in retreat.

A dozen corporations have pulled support from the controversial group after learning more about their true mission, and ALEC recently announced the elimination of a corporate-legislator "task force"

1% vs. Democracy March - TakeAction Minnesota - May 11th
1% vs. Democracy March

Friday, May 11, 2012
1 PM - 4 PM

Peavey Plaza
1111 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

On May 11th we will show the 1% what democracy looks like. Join us as we expose who is behind the corporate takeover of our democracy.

With questions, contact Chris Conry at Chris@TakeActionMinnesota.org.

mnpACT! Convention Training for Concressional District and State Conventions - Sunday - April 22 @ Lakeville Herritage Library 2 to 4pm
2012 Congressional District & State
Convention Training!

Heritage Library (20085 Heritage Dr, Lakeville)
Sunday April 22nd, 2012, 2 pm ? 4 pm

Does all of this Convention talk sound like a foreign language?
Is there a Resolution that you would like to support at the State Convention?
Would you like to try to be a delegate to the National Convention?
How are those National Delegates Selected?
How does it work to endorse a candidate for Congress?
What the heck is a ?walking subcaucus??

Give us a couple of hours and we?ll help you
learn the Language and the Process!

Let us help you prepare for your first CD/State Convention
Come and share what you?ve learned being a delegate at previous conventions.

Wear your watch and bring your calculator! Really!
It really is fun ? once you know what?s going on!

With questions or for more information, call Roxanne at 952-891-1862.

Everyone Welcome! Free Event.

Write a Letter to the Editor - Contact Info for Thousands of Local MN Media & Media Across the Nation!
Many Minnesot papers accept letters to the editor from across the state - or beyond. Expand the reach of your letters. Or target your letters to any media in the country.......


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