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The mission of mnpACT! is to build a progressive community based upon the core values of respect, dignity and opportunity, by educating people about progressive ideas, advocating for progressive issues, and electing progressive candidates to local, state and federal offices.

Cong. John Kline Is Just Bad At His Job
by Dave Mindeman

Congressman John Kline is kind of a lonely man these days. During most of his 3 year odyssey to dismantle and restructure No Child Left Behind legislation, he has ignored Democrats and their contributions. As he moves into the 2015 session, he not only has lost Democrats, but now he seems to be losing his Republican colleagues as well.

During this ever winding road trip into education, Kline has managed to alienate the Club For Growth, the Chamber of Commerce, the Heritage Foundation and some conservative education bloggers.

What happens if a . . .
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Policy From House GOP: Are We Suddenly In Need Of Austerity?
by Dave Mindeman

OK - here are some quick comments on Minnesota policy by the House GOP.

1. The Soccer subsidy seems reasonable. Since I am so used to the greed of sports franchise owners, the sales tax exemption and property tax breaks that the MN United franchise is asking for seem incredibly reasonable. However, given the austerity budget that the House Republicans are proposing, I am skeptical that any subsidy really fits in. If the House allows anything for soccer, then their hypocrisy is exposed.

2. That House GOP Health and . . .
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House GOP: These Salary Complaints Grow Tiresome
by Dave Mindeman

I am finding it increasingly annoying that House Republicans keep complaining about the salaries of commissioners and other state employees.

The latest couple of rounds involve Met Council Chair Adam Duininck - and another side issue involving the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority's Chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen.

This piles on the already tiresome dispute about the salaries of Dayton's Commissioners - which has already led to legislation specific for blocking those raises.

I realize it is incumbent upon the House Republicans to continuously rail against spending in Minnesota government. It is what . . .
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MinnesotaCare: House GOP Brings Out The Budget Axe
by Dave Mindeman

So now MinnesotaCare is on the chopping block.

House Republicans released details Thursday of their spending plan for health and human services programs, which as expected would terminate MinnesotaCare, a public health insurance program that provides coverage for some 90,000 people.

For nearly 2 years, the House Republicans have been using MNSure as their punching bag - yet, when the budget axe falls, they decide to eliminate the health care program that works.

Rep. Tara Mack, who chairs the committee that gives us this budgetary piece of work, explains:

"This . . .
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Hillary Clinton Leading The Charge Against Citizens United?
by Dave Mindeman

Whatever you think about Hillary Clinton's candidacy or on what scale her progressive tendencies lie....we should all take notice regarding a policy statement she made yesterday.

In outlining her "four big fights" for the 2016 campaign, this one has been getting particular attention:

Third: "And we need to fix the dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment," she said, breaking some policy ground for her.

That is a big deal. I don't know if some wonky . . .
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