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The mission of mnpACT! is to build a progressive community based upon the core values of respect, dignity and opportunity, by educating people about progressive ideas, advocating for progressive issues, and electing progressive candidates to local, state and federal offices.

Rep. Greg Davids Is Back To Political Gotchas As His Priority
by Dave Mindeman

Republican legislators are not very good at governing. They are like the dog in the movie UP who can't figure out what to do because he gets distracted by the very mention of the word "squirrel" and you have to start over with your explanation.

Such seems to be the case with Committee stalwart, Rep. Greg Davids. As a means of continuing with the political "gotchas"...upon which all Republican strategy depends....Davids wants Attorney General Swanson to examine the contract that MNSure had with MIT Scholar and RomneyCare architect Jonathan Gruber.

Gruber . . .
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Is Scott Walker REALLY Presidential Material?
by Dave Mindeman

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is ruminating a run for President. And what is to stop him? He has won three (count 'em three) elections for Governor since 2010. Sounds like an electoral juggernaut.

But as with most "big ideas" from Republicans, it has some flaws.

Here are the election results from the 3 runs:


Walker 1,128,941 52.3%
Barrett 1,004,303 46.5% Turnout = 49.7%

2012 June 5, 2012 Recall

Walker 1,335,585 53%
Barrett 1,164,480 46% Turnout = 57.8%

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The GOP Has A Constitutional Remedy - PASS A BILL!
by Dave Mindeman

House Republicans had a swift reaction to Obama's executive order on immigration....

They filed a lawsuit - on his actions on healthcare?


Boehner has been shopping this lawsuit idea for months and I guess he finally found a lawyer (Jonathan Turley) willing to do it. But this lawsuit is being pursued based on what Obama has NOT done on the health care law. And has nothing to do with executive action on immigration.

Is Congress really so broken that they can't even get their lawsuits figured out? . . .
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Senator David Hann and The Gruber Effect
by Dave Mindeman

If Sen. David Hann (Senate Minority Leader) would concentrate as much on Minnesota transportation issues as he does on MNSure, we might have some of those problems resolved. But in Senator Hann's world, MNSure is THE paramount issue.

In a Star Tribune Op-Ed, he uses the Jonathan Gruber "gaffe" as a means to rehash all the old arguments and take us backwards once more.

Hann laments the lack of transparency (which Gruber proves I guess) as the deception for getting the ACA passed. Of course, Hann probably doesn't remember the passage . . .
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Finally - Action on Immigration
by Dave Mindeman

The arguments on the current immigration controversy are encapsulized in this statement from Cong. Paul Ryan....

"We've gone to the president and said, 'Give us time to do immigration reform, to work on the issue this year. We want to get this done.' And this is the reaction he has to that?" said Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the 2012 vice presidential candidate. "He had two years with a super-majority of his own party, and he didn't lift a finger. And now he won't give us a few weeks? He's basically choosing to give us a . . .
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