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Center for American Progress
Interactive: The Demographic Evolution of the American Electorate, 1980-2060
This interactive shows the growing diversity of every state in the nation from 1980 to 2060. ...
States of Change
The demographics of the United States are projected to become much more diverse in the coming decades and will have significant effects on the nation's voting electorate in all 50 states. ...
The Political Consequences of the Great Recession
Deep voter pessimism and a lack of an economic agenda from Democrats, not just structural obstacles, drove GOP gains in 2014. ...
Engaging Youth Voters Beyond Marriage Equality
Findings from a poll of young pro-marriage-equality voters illuminate ways that future progressive campaigns can be responsive to youth voices. ...
Making Progress: 10 Years of Ideas, Action, and Change
Today, as the Center for American Progress celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look at the impact CAP has had on the country. ...
The Top 13 Women of Color to Watch in 2013
These 13 women of color are leaving their mark on everything from politics to entertainment to health. ...
Martin Unchained: Radical Reformer, Nonviolent Militant
This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we should remember the true Dr. King and free him from a reconstructed history that never was. ...
Democracy, Democratic Governance, and Transparent Institutions in the American Interest
The Center for American Progress and the Center for Strategic and International Studies have collaborated to promote progressive and democratic governance around the world. ...

The Nation.
Murder Beside the Kremlin
Boris Kagarlitsky
Amid accusations slung between rival political camps, a different explanation of the death of Boris Nemtsov emerges.

Race and Civil Rights in 'The Nation': Part V, From the LA Riots to the Release of 'Selma'
The Nation
A multimedia timeline presenting the history of the struggle for racial justice, from 1991 to 2015.

What I Learned From Breaking the Law
John Raines
In 1971, I helped burglarize an FBI office and leaked documents that exposed J. Edgar Hoover’s abuses of power. Here’s what that experience taught me.

Royal Dutch Shell Wants to Look for Oil in the Most Dangerous Drilling Environment in the World
Subhankar Banerjee
An ice-choked ocean, tens of thousands of whales, no proven technology in case of emergency and a mission for oil: what could possibly go wrong?

American Jews Face an Ominous New Threat
Eli Valley
We never saw this one coming.

Will the Murder of Boris Nemtsov Raise the Risk of Escalation in Ukraine?
James Carden
The opponents of the recently concluded Minsk agreement could use the murder as a pretext to derail the cease-fire accord.

Why Americans Don't Care About Prison Rape
Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig
And what happens when the problem escapes from behind bars.

If America Wants to End Terrorism, It Has to Start With Its Own
Tom Engelhardt
American airpower has blown away eight wedding parties in three different countries—and we call ourselves the leaders of the global war on terror.

50,000 March in Moscow After the Killing of Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov
Alec Luhn
“If you can kill a well-known person with impunity, because I'm sure no one who ordered it will be punished, then we're all just as vulnerable.”

Did Syriza Sell Out?
Andy Robinson
No—the Greek negotiators had to swallow some bitter pills, but they extracted crucial concessions from the troika.


Campaign for America's Future

The Democratic Strategist
Gridlock and the Craving for Big Elections
As part of a debate touched off by Matt Yglesias at Vox, who expressed doubts about the sustainability of the U.S. political system given the frustrations and Constitution-stretching associated with partisan gridlock, I wrote a column at ...
Sabato: Dem Senate Takeover in 2016 "Doable"
From Larry J. Sabato's Politico post, "Can Democrats Retake the Senate in 2016?":

It's still too early to predict the Senate's makeup in 2016, but it's not too early to start thinking about who could land on the list ...
Lux: How Progressives Can Win Marathons While Running Uphill
The following article by Democratic strategist Mike Lux, author of "The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be," is cross-posted from HuffPo"

It is easy to get discouraged about the American political scene. Billionaires and ...
Neighboring Gov's Record Shames GOP WannaBe
two govs.jpg

Creamer: Why Dems Should Skip Netanyahu's NeoCon Mess
The following article, by Democratic strategist Robert Creamer, author of "Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win," is cross-posted from HuffPo:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will speak before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, will ...
Political Strategy Notes
Greg Sargent calls attention to the importance of the upcoming gubernatorial races, which will decide how much power Dems will have to check GOP gerrymandering. "The 2014 elections left Democrats in a deep state-level hole: Republicans control over ...
Republicans Courting Disaster on Education, Part II
Yesterday I talked about the forces driving the GOP into an attack on public higher education. But there's a larger and more nefarious Republican drift to perdition on K-12 education, as I discussed at Washington Monthly:

As you ...
Republicans Courting Disaster on Education, Part I
Aside from the big New Deal entitlements of Social Security and Medicare, and of course national defense, the government functions most popular among Americans involve public education. Republicans, following radical conservative thinking on education, are increasingly tempted to ...

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