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Center for American Progress
Global Progress: New Ideas for the Future of the Global Progressive Movement
A new generation of progressive leadership is emerging in Europe and North America that is rising to the challenge of inclusive prosperity, climate change, and need for institutional reform. ...
Moving Forward Together
Wherever people are practicing inclusive politics, inclusive economics, and inclusive social policies, good things are happening. ...
The Promise of Progress
An agenda for shared prosperity, diversity, and innovation can help progressives deliver on the promise of progress. ...
Global Challenges, Progressive Solutions
The global progressive movement has been behind almost every social advance of the past decade. In the 21st century, it is needed more than ever. ...
The Lonely Life of a Progressive
The challenges facing today's progressives are larger than ever, but it is still a great time to be a social democrat. ...
Third Way, Again
The Third Way agenda of the late 1990s showed that economic growth and social justice could be mutually reinforcing. ...
Writing the Future of Germany: Progressive Politics in Turbulent Times
Investing in the economy of the future and securing the integrity of government are essential to ensuring the vitality and growth of the middle class. ...
Values and Facts Are on Our Side!
Facts and values are on the side of progressives. A modern social democratic agenda is now the only one able to deliver an inclusive society. ...

The Nation.
Sanders Fights On for 'the Strongest Progressive Agenda That Any Political Party Has Ever Seen'
John Nichols
Platform fights have always mattered.
What Is It Good For?
Alina Cohen
In his new story collection, Luke Mogelson demonstrates that American soldiers fight for someone, and something, other than the reasons you hear.
No Plumbing, No Protection: The Story of Milwaukee's Evicted
Alyssa Katz
Many of the worst symptoms of American poverty are rooted in the instability brought on by eviction, according to a new book by sociologist Matthew Desmond.
A Western Company Could Finally Be Held Accountable for the Rana Plaza Disaster
Michelle Chen
Three years after the factory collapse in Bangladesh, a Canadian court is hearing a case that could award the victims up to $2 billion in damages.
Bernie Sanders and His Supporters Should Do What the Democratic Party Won't: Advocate for Candidates of Color
Steve Phillips
By focusing on supporting progressive leaders and organizations of color, they could make a mark that lasts long beyond 2016.
Jane Sanders Has Some Harsh Words for Our Public Education System
Nikhil Goyal
In this interview, Bernie Sanders's wife explains how schools would be different under President Sanders.
Meet Two Women Tackling Misogyny in Sports Journalism
Dave Zirin
Sports journalists Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro asked men to read aloud the misogynistic messages they receive online in order to increase awareness of harassment.
Prisons Are Using Military-Grade Tear Gas to Punish People
Daniel Moattar
A burgeoning arms industry brings the war home.
Did OPEC Just Start Preparing for the End of the Oil Era?
Michael T. Klare
The debacle in Doha may be the beginning of the end for the old oil order.
Can Anyone Drive Women Voters to Clinton Better Than Trump? Try Cruz-Fiorina
Joan Walsh
With stunning political incompetence, the right-wing senator introduced his unpopular female running mate, and made her look like his nanny.

Campaign for America's Future

The Democratic Strategist
"Tea Party of the Left" a Bad Idea
As someone semi-obsessed with the need to find ways to mobilize Democratic-leaning voters--especially young people--to participate in midterm elections, I was initially enthused about an initiative launched by former Bernie Sanders organizers focused on 2018. But then I ...
How Sanders Message Can Help Dems Win
Yamiche Alcindor's New York Times article, "Bernie Sanders, Shifting Tone, Takes On Democratic Party" signals a new stage in the Vermont senator's campaign. No one should expect Sanders to fold his campaign anytime soon, and he already has ...
Political Strategy Notes
At the Washington Post Abby Phillip and Sean Sullivan report on Democatic preparations for November in three key swing states: "In Virginia, Ohio and Florida -- the three biggest swing states in the last election -- the Clinton ...
When Hillary Meets Bernie in Philadelphia
Like most political analysts, I've felt for a good while--certainly since her big win in New York last week--that Hillary Clinton had the Democratic presidential race well in hand, and is increasingly the prohibitive favorite. From a Democratic Party ...
Marshall: Overlooked Poll Merits Attention
In his Talking Points Memo post, "The Most Important Poll You Didn't See," Josh Marshall calls attention to an interesting poll that has been underreported by the usual suspects. Marshall reports that."the Harvard Institute of Politics just released ...
Obama's Role in Party-Building
From Juliet Eilperin's Washington Post article, "Obama, who once stood as party outsider, now works to strengthen Democrats":

Barack Obama rose to prominence as a different kind of Democrat, an outsider who was not part of the establishment and ...
Political Strategy Notes
Political data junkies, take note: Philip Bump of The Fix has an interview with Joe Lenski, executive VP of Edison Media Research, which conducts polls for the National Election Pool (NEP), a group of six media organizations including Fox, ...
The Case for Clinton-Warren
I realize that idle speculation about future contingencies that may not arise is an occupational hazard for political writers. But I did address a fairly inevitable topic at New York earlier this week: the possibility of a Clinton-Warren ...

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