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Interactive: The Demographic Evolution of the American Electorate, 1980-2060
This interactive shows the growing diversity of every state in the nation from 1980 to 2060. ...
States of Change
The demographics of the United States are projected to become much more diverse in the coming decades and will have significant effects on the nation's voting electorate in all 50 states. ...
The Political Consequences of the Great Recession
Deep voter pessimism and a lack of an economic agenda from Democrats, not just structural obstacles, drove GOP gains in 2014. ...
Engaging Youth Voters Beyond Marriage Equality
Findings from a poll of young pro-marriage-equality voters illuminate ways that future progressive campaigns can be responsive to youth voices. ...
Making Progress: 10 Years of Ideas, Action, and Change
Today, as the Center for American Progress celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look at the impact CAP has had on the country. ...
The Top 13 Women of Color to Watch in 2013
These 13 women of color are leaving their mark on everything from politics to entertainment to health. ...
Martin Unchained: Radical Reformer, Nonviolent Militant
This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we should remember the true Dr. King and free him from a reconstructed history that never was. ...
Democracy, Democratic Governance, and Transparent Institutions in the American Interest
The Center for American Progress and the Center for Strategic and International Studies have collaborated to promote progressive and democratic governance around the world. ...

The Nation.
How the Irish Became the World's Leading Gay Activists
Margaret Spillane
Defying conventional wisdom, the huge win by the Yes Equality campaign involved young and old, rural and urban, Catholic and non-Catholic voters.

How Shifting Immigrant Tides Encouraged Normalization With Cuba
Tom Hayden
The Cuban people are beginning a new chapter in what José Martí called ‘‘our America.’’

5 Ways to Take Back Tech
Nathan Schneider
Enough of the doom and gloom! Here are a few big ideas for a digital revolution that enriches us all—not just the wealthy.

In Spain's Seismic Elections, 'It's the Victory of David Over Goliath'
Bécquer Seguín
The country’s political landscape has changed beyond recognition, with left-wing parties gaining everywhere.

Did Market Leninism Win the Cold War?
John Feffer
The states of the future will marry the least savory aspects of collectivism and capitalism.

Chris Christie Uses Prisoners to Fix His Office Furniture
Stephen Janis
The state of New Jersey has saved millions of dollars by relying on prison labor to refurbish furniture in the governor’s office.

Two Years After Rana Plaza, Are Bangladesh's Workers Still at Risk?
Amy Yee
Labor standards are improving in this impoverished country, but workers must have a voice if these changes are to be sustainable.

World Governments Subsidize the Burning of Fossil Fuels to the Tune of $10 Million a Minute
Mark Hertsgaard
According to a new IMF study, we’re subsidizing the digging of our own graves.

Here Are the Navy's Plans to Bomb the Arctic
Dahr Jamail
The waters of the Gulf of Alaska are some of the most pristine in the world. That will change next month.

How Defunding Derails Our Infrastructure
John Nichols
John Boehner claims public financing had nothing to do with the Amtrak disaster, but like so many others, it can be directly traced to funding shortfalls.


Campaign for America's Future

The Democratic Strategist
Democrats: the mainstream media gang is whining with operatic self-pity because they think Hillary is treating them as if they were no better than partisan GOP operatives of Fox News. It's our job to tell them that Hillary is absolutely right.
In recent days a number of mainstream political commentators and members of the Washington press corps have been sputtering with indignation that Hillary Clinton is treating them as something less than the fiercely independent champions of the American public ...
Dionne: Dems Must Reconcile Their Populists and Centrists
From E. J. Dionne, Jr.'s Washington Post column "Progressive Frenemies":

Earlier this month, Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware, a proud Democratic centrist, published a thoughtful essay on the Atlantic's Web site under a very polemical headline: "Americans Need ...
Creamer: Progressives in Position to Lead Dems, Compel Reforms
The following article by Democratic strategist Robert Creamer, author of "Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win," is cross-posted from HuffPo: There has been a flurry of recent commentary about the "battle" between the Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth ...
How ALEC Operates in GA

Political Strategy Notes
E. J. Dionne, Jr. ruminates on the "GOP's Flip-Flopping." Dionne notes that WI Gov. Scott Walker excuses is own flip-floppage because it's just changing his positions, not his votes. Says Dionne, "Sheer brilliance! Other than former Florida Gov. ...
GOP Winnowing Field By Debates
Want to know one reason GOP presidential candidates are not rushing to participate in this year's Iowa Republican Straw Poll, traditionally the first "scorable" event of the cycle? Other ways are emerging to "winnow" the very large field, ...
Sanders, Krugman: Why Overreaching TPP Should Be Defeated
Imagine for a minute that you don't really have a strong opinion one way or the other about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). You are concerned about trade agreements in general, and you get it that the TPP is ...
Political Strategy Notes
The meme that Hillary Clinton is too centrist/moderate for progressives gets a thrashing from Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky, who writes: "If you are a 40-something Democrat who has voted over the years for Bill Clinton and Al ...

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