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Center for American Progress
Interactive: The Demographic Evolution of the American Electorate, 1980-2060
This interactive shows the growing diversity of every state in the nation from 1980 to 2060. ...
States of Change
The demographics of the United States are projected to become much more diverse in the coming decades and will have significant effects on the nation's voting electorate in all 50 states. ...
The Political Consequences of the Great Recession
Deep voter pessimism and a lack of an economic agenda from Democrats, not just structural obstacles, drove GOP gains in 2014. ...
Engaging Youth Voters Beyond Marriage Equality
Findings from a poll of young pro-marriage-equality voters illuminate ways that future progressive campaigns can be responsive to youth voices. ...
Making Progress: 10 Years of Ideas, Action, and Change
Today, as the Center for American Progress celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look at the impact CAP has had on the country. ...
The Top 13 Women of Color to Watch in 2013
These 13 women of color are leaving their mark on everything from politics to entertainment to health. ...
Martin Unchained: Radical Reformer, Nonviolent Militant
This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we should remember the true Dr. King and free him from a reconstructed history that never was. ...
Democracy, Democratic Governance, and Transparent Institutions in the American Interest
The Center for American Progress and the Center for Strategic and International Studies have collaborated to promote progressive and democratic governance around the world. ...

The Nation.
Ireland's Abortion Law Reveals a Complete Contempt for Women
Katha Pollitt
New “exceptions” to the country’s total ban on abortion are worthless in practice.

Did Comcast Ghostwrite Rahm Emanuel's Letter to the FCC?
Spencer Woodman
The Chicago mayor’s office confirmed that Comcast advised Emanuel on how to support a proposed merger with Time Warner—but it is refusing to make the communication public.

Why 'The Nation' Is Suing the Federal Government
The Editors
The NSA is monitoring almost all of our international communications. This is a fundamental violation of First and Fourth Amendment rights.

If You Die Poor or Alone in New York City, You'll Be Buried by Prisoners in a Mass Grave
Sarah Goodyear
In New York and other cities, activists are pushing back against the persistence of inequality in death, as in life.

Animal Education
Stuart Klawans
War between men and dogs looms in the Budapest of White God; Ethan Hawke pays homage to New York City’s greatest piano teacher in Seymour: An Introduction.

Into the Woods
Malika Rahal
The fight between terrorism and tourism in Algeria’s Atlas Mountains.

Will the United States Become a Footnote in Afghanistan's History?
Dilip Hiro
In the new politics of Afghanistan, the Obama administration finds itself being reduced to the status of bystander.

Is the Former Capital of the Confederacy Finally Ready to Confront Its Poverty--and Its Past?
Sasha Abramsky
Richmond, Virginia, is the eleventh-most-unequal big city in the country; its leaders finally want to change that.

In Homage to Her Womanly Bravery
Eduardo Galeano
On women who refused to live in silence and be consigned to oblivion.

Garbage and Gravitas
Corey Robin
Ayn Rand was a melodramatist of the moral life: the battle is between the producer and the moochers, and it must end in life or death.


Campaign for America's Future

The Democratic Strategist
No, Conservatives Are Not Waving White Flag in the Culture Wars
One of the memes we are now hearing is that progressives are being churlish and perhaps even self-destructive in resisting "religious liberty" statutes like those enacted last week in Indiana because, after all, they represent a face-saving device, or ...
New Blue Dogs Few and Mellow
Derek Willis's "The House Democrats Who Are Voting With Republicans More Often" at The Upshot can be read as an update on party unity. Among Willis's observations:

A small group of House Democrats has begun moving to the right ...
Creamer: Tribute to a Stand-Up Democrat, Sen. Dick Durbin
The following article by Democratic strategist Robert Creamer, author of "Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win," is cross-posted from HuffPo:

Friday, Senator Harry Reid announced he would step down at the end of this term -- ending ...
Political Strategy Notes
FiveThirtyEight's Harry Enten examines "Why Harry Reid Chose Chuck Schumer," while The Nation's John Nichols explains why "Harry Reid's Replacement Must Be Progressive and Effective."

Meanwhile, National Journal's Andrea Drusch profiles Catherine Cortez Masto, "The Woman Harry ...
For many Neo-Cons the real objective of bombing Iran's nuclear sites is to build support for an invasion. For this, a failure could be more useful than success. That's why they seem untroubled by the unrealistic assumptions on which they rest their case.
America is now witnessing the beginning of a mini-boomlet of calls for a large scale aerial bombing campaign aimed at crippling or destroying Iran's nuclear installations. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and Joshua Muravchik, a fellow at the Johns ...
"Flat Tax" Redux: a Primer
It occurred to me yesterday that we were hearing less about "tax reform" on the GOP presidential campaign trail than we were about that old chestnut, the "flat tax." So I figured I'd do a quick explainer at ...
Obamacare Diss Ploy Backfires Big Time
Republican Congresswomen Cathy McMorris Rodgers apparently had nothing better to do with her time than hatch a facebook scam bashing President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act. So she requested her constituents to submit Obamacare slams. But Jen Hayden ...
How Cruz's Sour Tea Fuels GOP Agenda
From TPM Cafe's "How Bush-Appointed Ivy Leaguer Ted Cruz Became A Tea Party Darling," by Vanessa Williamson, co-author, with Theda Skocpol, of "The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism":

Ted Cruz, who has become one of ...

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