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Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 07/27/16 07:28

by Dave Mindeman

I know there are a lot of Bernie delegates and supporters that are very disappointed right now. You say you could never vote for Hillary. That you are convinced that she embodies the things you hate. Corporate. Untrustworthy. Establishment.

But there is a difference between the narrative that has been accepted about her and the real person. It will take time to dig deeper into that biography.

But here is what I have trouble with. This isn't really about Hillary or Bernie or even about politics. The Sanders movement has been about lifting up the 99%. To fight for the people that don't have a choice. To make America a place for the American dream again.

That fight is not dependent on a candidate or a person. That is a struggle that is independent of politics. It is beyond class warfare. Beyond fighting the banks. Beyond corporate greed. It is much, much more than that.

The social justice that we all seek is a day to day fight. It is in fair housing. It is in the minimum wage. It is making health care work for individuals. It is fighting for public transportation...the public option...middle class tax cuts..true immigration reform...protecting our voting rights... getting Citizens United repealed....it is about the Supreme Court.

The 99% can't wait for you to get the perfect candidate nominated. You may feel that Bernie was that candidate, but it did not happen. Everyone in politics has experienced that disappointment at one time or another. But the fight for social justice doesn't have a pause button. It doesn't have the luxury to wait for us to catch up.

People need us to fight for them. Now more than ever. This election is not just about Hillary and Trump. It is not about making America great again. It is not even about anger over the donor class.

This election is about forming the future. About how we are going to treat each other. How we solve the basic fundamentals of how America works.

The 99% may not understand that Trump will not fight for them. Many of them might even vote for him. Many of them won't vote at all because they are too busy struggling to live day by day.

That is why we can't just sit back and complain about the process or the results - we need to get back to work.

Hillary is not a perfect candidate. And in reality, neither is Bernie. But as you look at the issues that face us, the two candidates are not so different in what they believe in and in what they hope to accomplish. They have told us via the platform and the convention speeches that they are willing to form a partnership. That their differences are much smaller than the threat of allowing the other party to be in control.

I am not naive enough to believe that everything between the campaigns will be resolved. But those differences can be ironed out when the Clinton administration begins its journey in January. Right now, the Bernie revolution can only continue if Hillary is elected President. The policy changes that Bernie wants will never happen in a Trump administration. That is just the reality of all this.

So, for the rest of the election, let's forget about personalities... forget about the disappointments....forget about an imperfect political system. Let's remember the Paul Wellstone legacy....

I don't think politics has anything to do with left, right, or center. It has to do with trying to do right by people.

Let's do this.
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Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 07/27/16 00:11

by Dave Mindeman

My respect for Senator Sanders has only grown during this convention. Although some of his supporters have been less than cordial during the process, Sanders himself has done everything possible to change the dynamic of division.

He has been gracious and fair and looks like he will be a powerful surrogate on the campaign trail.

But we need to also acknowledge that Hillary Clinton has treated him and his support base with the utmost respect. In some extreme radical cases, much more than they deserved.

The Clinton campaign did compromise after compromise on the platform. They modified the rules to give the Sanders candidacy equal footing. And during the roll call vote, her campaign simply ignored the usual celebration when a candidate goes over the top - they even ignored the traditional maneuvering to allow a certain near and dear state of the candidate to put up the final delegates for the nomination.

Instead, they went through a systematic roll call. Allowed every state and territory to record their vote - and then allowed Vermont to end that roll call. And only after every single vote was tabulated did Bernie move to make Clinton the official nominee.

Keep in mind that Sanders was much farther behind in delegate count than Clinton was in her contest with Barack Obama.

But Bernie played his part in this drama to perfection. He gave a gracious speech on the first night. He spoke to his delegations and attempted to help them understand the reality of the situation. And he left the Democratic stage with his dignity and movement intact.

Hillary and Bernie treated each other with respect. Yes, there is still some tension (how could there not be), but they worked it out as adults. Not like that sandbox battle in Cleveland between Trump and Cruz.

The Sanders supporters will obviously take longer to embrace all of this. I think everybody gets that. But, thankfully, it looks like most Democrats are willing to move together into November.

It would seem Trump has become the best Democratic party unifier we could have asked for.
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For Darlene Miller, Kline Is All She Has

Category: John Kline
Posted: 07/24/16 13:24

by Dave Mindeman

John Kline's unendorsed candidate to replace him, Darlene Miller, is getting his help. Here is a commercial running for her....

A bit bio - a bit business - a bit conservative credentials.

Miller has been getting hit by Jason Lewis as the RINO in the race. And since she has never held or sought public office before, she is an unknown.

But John Kline is supporting her, although her fundraising hasn't reflected much of that help. She seems to be behind in the polls with Lewis leading. John Howe hasn't been very visible.

But this race is about turnout. The primary voter will consist of the hardcore faithful and Kline will be the key for Miller in that regard.

Still, it doesn't help that the Pioneer Press ran a story that featured her company's (Permac) workplace safety and environmental violations.

A Pioneer Press review of public records shows the company has had to pay fines for almost two dozen workplace safety and environmental violations in the past decade.....Permac also pleaded guilty in 2008 to several misdemeanors related to disposal of toxic waste.

This race has been remarkably quiet, spending wise. But I am sure the mailboxes are getting stuffed and the phone calls are frequent.

But, for Miller, it becomes all about how much Kline is willing to do. She doesn't have much else.
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