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For-Profit Colleges Continue To Exploit-Will John Kline Comment?

Category: John Kline
Posted: 07/24/14 00:38, Edited: 07/24/14 00:39

by Dave Mindeman

Globe University, a Minnesota For-Profit College, is again (and I do mean again) under scrutiny for its marketing practices. Attorney General Lori Swanson made the case....

Swanson described a "sales-oriented culture" on their campuses, which she says aggressively pursued potential students with deceptive claims about jobs they would land and their ability to transfer credits to other schools. "This school left some people deep in debt with promises that did not materialize," Swanson said as she announced the lawsuit.

Globe University is a constant contribution to the campaign of Congressman John Kline. So, let me ask the question. Where's John Kline?

And like I said, this isn't Globe University's first foray into trouble...

Swanson pointed to other legal troubles for Globe over the years, including a jury verdict last year awarding $400,000 to former dean Heidi Weber, who said she was fired after raising concerns about the school's recruitment practices and other issues.

Again, the question needs to be asked....where's John Kline?

Not only is Kline taking money from these For-Profit charlatans, but he continues to protect them as chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee. He is aware of these scam practices but not only does he do nothing about it, but he defends them when efforts are made to reign them in.

Since these For- Profit Colleges target veterans and low-income students, Kline claims that putting restrictions on them would only hurt the students.

So, where is the statement from John Kline?

Meanwhile, the For-Profits rake in record amounts of guaranteed Federal loans which they profit from even with student default. In fact, they account for a majority of all student loan defaults.

Students rack up mountains of debt while, in the case of Globe University, they can't even get an accredited degree for the field they have chose.....

She (Swanson) said school recruiters steered students who wanted to become police officers into bachelor's programs that lacked Minnesota accreditation. In addition, they recommended two-year associate degrees to would-be probation officers, although the state and most counties require at least a bachelor's degree for such jobs. A criminal justice associate degree program at the two schools costs $35,100; a bachelor degree program costs $70,200.

Is somebody asking John Kline to comment?

John Kline's footprints are all over the student debt problem. He is responsible for interest rate increases. He defends his donors when they exploit students. And he looks the other way as the loan defaults add to our debt burden.

When it comes to For-Profit colleges, the person that should be asked about solving the problem is never asked to comment.

Where's John Kline?
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Why Isn't Michele Bachmann On The GOP Presidential Short List?

Category: Michele Bachmann
Posted: 07/23/14 15:00, Edited: 07/23/14 15:00

by Dave Mindeman

Michele Bachmann can't understand why the media doesn't ask....

"The only thing that the media has speculated on is that it's going to be various men that are running," she told RCP (Real Clear Politics). "They haven't speculated, for instance, that I'm going to run. What if I decide to run? And there's a chance I could run."

Why don't they ask if you, Michele Bachmann, are running for President?

Because they can't find a person out there, who if asked about you, doesn't fall down on the ground in convulsive laughter at the speculation of a repeat candidacy.

That's basically it.

But, seriously, her question goes to a woman running for the GOP nomination....and that is a legitimate question.

There are possibilities. Olympia Snowe - Susan Collins - Kay Bailey Hutchison.....all of them would be credible Presidential candidates. But they won't run. And the reason for that is they could never get through the primary process. Any woman who would compete in the process the GOP has today, would have to have a Bachmann profile. Evangelical. Social conservative. Fiscally insane.

That last adjective is the closest I can come up with to describe the fiscal policy that appeals to the GOP base. A woman would have to have a more intense, farther right fiscal policy to get noticed. And that, of course, fits the Bachmann profile.

The Republican Party simply is not woman friendly. The extreme anti-choice stance has no moderate position. The lack of support for equal pay is astonishing. And the default position that assumes a lack of competence in female leadership roles is hard to miss when you see how few women are given positions of authority in the Republican Party.

Michele Bachmann may have a point about why the Press doesn't assume a second Presidential run. But the more important question is why the lack of enthusiasm in her own Party.

The answer is almost rhetorical.
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There Is Only One Real Answer On Immigration

Category: Immigration
Posted: 07/22/14 14:15

by Dave Mindeman

Immigration rhetoric has deteriorated steadily since we had the more intelligent debate about undocumented residents. Now, everything is defined on the basis of "NIMBY" - not in my back yard.

These Central American kids, that are the basis of the current uproar, are just trying to escape a difficult and dangerous life. Why some people are "fearful" of them is a stretch of the imagination.

These kids are not really a situation of border "security". They are not trying to hide. They are not using tunnels or hiding in the back of trucks. They are seeking out border guards and simply hoping that they will be treated for what they essentially are - refugees.

For his part, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is rapidly turning into another comical icon. In an effort to make some political hay out of a very serious situation, he has decided that he needs to put the National Guard on the border to "secure" it.

Exactly what does that accomplish? These kids aren't hiding - so they can't help in search operations. They certainly are not an "armed" threat - so the extra "guns" aren't needed. They aren't really coming in the kind of numbers that would need "crowd control" - so the Guardsmen aren't needed for that either.

Essentially, Governor Perry is using his "army" for an expensive political stunt. Sounds like another "oops" to me.

And the small cadre of protesters have lost sight of the actual debate on immigration. These kids aren't any part of that problem. And the mean spirited signs and language are, quite frankly, embarrassing to watch.

All of this foolishness is just another reason for acting on real immigration policy. Something the Congressional House Republicans refuse to do. They talk a lot. They criticize a lot. But action seems beyond their capabilities.

Last night on Almanac, Congressman John Kline was asked about this situation on the border. He went into the usual stonewall answer. He went into his compassionate feelings for these kids but gave no substantive response about what to do. Which means, as usual, doing nothing but blame the administration. Obama has put in a request for funding to deal with the situation (action does require cost)....but Kline didn't even discuss it - always looking for specifics. Specifics that his own Party avoids outlining.

We keep saying that our "immigration system is broken"....on that everyone seems to agree. But we can't fix it because Congress is broken. If the GOP wants the power of the majority in Congress then it also needs to have the will to act. House Republicans do not have that.

And the only answer for anything in regards to immigration is to fix Congress.....and that means replacing the obstructive majority.

It has become that simple.
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