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Palin: Good Speech Needed a Good Fact Check

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 09/04/08 12:15

by Dave Mindeman

Sorry to continue on Sarah Palin, but she is the topic of the moment. Again, she gave a very good speech and, as I said in the last post...game on.

However, as I listened to her speech last night, I kept muttering to myself... "but that's not true". And this morning, the Fact Checkers indeed were on the ball.

Here is one report, from the Associated Press, you need to check out:

Attacks, Praise Stretch Truth at GOP Convention

Some of the highlights:

PALIN: "I told the Congress 'thanks but no thanks' for that Bridge to Nowhere."

FACT CHECK: While Palin notes she rejected plans to build a $398 million bridge from Ketchikan to an island with 50 residents and an airport, that opposition came only after the plan was ridiculed nationally as a "bridge to nowhere."

PALIN: "There is much to like and admire about our opponent. But listening to him speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform ? not even in the state senate."

FACT CHECK: "...he has worked with Republicans to pass legislation that expanded efforts to intercept illegal shipments of weapons of mass destruction and to help destroy conventional weapons stockpiles. The legislation became law last year. To demean that accomplishment would be to also demean the work of Republican Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, a respected foreign policy voice in the Senate. In Illinois, he was the leader on two big, contentious measures in Illinois: studying racial profiling by police and requiring recordings of interrogations in potential death penalty cases. He also successfully co-sponsored major ethics reform legislation.

Personally, I also found it a little disturbing that she demeaned community organizing as if it was a joke. Without community organizers, the poor and disadvantaged would have no voice at all.

The article also discusses some of the claims made by other speeches. The Fact Checkers are going to be very busy.....

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09/04/08 17:15
You leave readers with the impression you utilized the website "Factcheck" to compile this report, even going so far to change the AP story's word "the facts" with "fact check."

Point 1. If the angle that Obama supporters are going to take is that Palin changed her mind on the bridge to nowhere, it is going to leave an awful lot of explaining to do on the myriad issues Obama has changed his mind on; sometimes within the same 24 hour period. If Palin had to change her mind about something, that project was it. Somehow I don't think taxpayers are going to hold it against her that she decided ultimately to oppose an incredibly wasteful project in these tough times.

Point 2: Conveniently left out of your quote was "Compared to McCain and his two decades in the Senate, Obama does have a more meager record." How did that happen? Also, "the facts" states that Obama "worked with" Republicans. Was he an author? If not, the point of the fact check is moot. Even if so, the legislation sounds like one of those pieces that EVERYONE supports. I would be interested to know what the vote was on the legislation. If it was one of those 99-1 it doesn't really stand out as an "Obama" accomplishment.

Interestingly enough, even The One stretches the truth, and quite a bit it turns out: (had link here but lame comment program won't let me leave it. But you can simply google "fact checking Obama acceptance speech" for complete reports from Factcheck, the Dallas News, and Newsweek.)

You and I can certainly agree: The fact checkers ARE going to be busy, on BOTH sides of the aisle.
09/04/08 14:01

Spoken like a true democRAT!

09/04/08 13:30
Seems we're writing on the same things, Dave.

Over at www.MnBlue.com , my posts today are entitled:

"republiCons don't like Community Organizers" and "Governor Moose Meat - typical republiCon on a typical republiCon ticket"

All in all, Sarah Palin demonstrated, once again, that reasonable people simply cannot reasonably assume that those on the right are telling the truth.
09/04/08 12:47

Demeaning community organizers - disturbing? You must disturb easily.

A community organizer isn?t a real universal title - anyone can claim it, it can apply to anything. Members of the KKK could describe themselves as community organizers. I qualify as a community organizer ? all of it volunteer work, it was never how I identified myself, just a matter good civics. Is community organizer code-speak for something I am not hip too?

Her statement was clearly in response to a lame charge about Palin?s sudden and growing ascendancy in the national arena.

- Her years of experience as a councilperson and mayor of a city of 9,000 people didn?t count for anything because it is such a tiny town.

I am from a small town. I was raised in a small town, and now live out in the country near a small town. But I wasn?t DISTURBED when the democrats and the media sneered and disparaged small towns, small town folks, small town elected officials. I did think it this was bad politics to minimize the job ? as Palin said last night these jobs came with responsibilities.

Thus when you describe that her defense of small town elected leaders at the expense of ?community organizers? ? well, that struck me as a silly thing to be disturbed about.



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