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Please Visit Coleman for Senate!

Category: Norm Coleman
Posted: 09/16/08 15:35

by Dave Mindeman

Please, I encourage you to visit a Republican website today. Please, please, visit Norm Coleman...


Please notice that when you go to that site, you do not see any reference to Norm Coleman....you do not see any discussion of any issues.... you do not see talk about the future of Minnesota...


All you see is a dark, negative... Halloween like, page that talks about Al Franken in the worst possible way.

Now, if there was any doubt about who is the candidate of negativitiy in the Minnesota race for Senate, then I assure you, one look at that site will convince you.

Nice job, Senator Coleman.....I am sure that is a convincing way to show your ability to "work with others to get things done".
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09/18/08 11:57
He's forgetting that it's a competitive three-way race at this point. This tactic is going to throw votes to Barkley. The Humphrey Institute is already claiming that Barkley's 13-14% poll numbers include 10% of Republicans and 11% of DFL. I'd love to see Coleman in third place because he only knows smear campaigning.
09/16/08 20:42
I thought you were exaggerating. You certainly were not. The whole front page is just a smear campaign about Al Franken. Not one word about how Coleman will help us through this economic mess. Absolutely nothing about his policies. Just a dark, dismal mess. How embarrassing.
09/16/08 19:49
Seems like all of his ads are so negative about Al. Haven't really seen anything from him as far as anything positive he would do if re-elected. Obviously, he has no positive plans to lead, or he would tell us.
09/16/08 16:03
There's no possible way the voters appreciate this. What an unpleasant way to be greeted to a candidate's website.

Didn't he see the polls? The voters don't like this garbage.


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