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Rep. Garofalo Wants to Can the "Hip-Hop"

Category: Education
Posted: 03/24/09 14:41

by Dave Mindeman

Farmington Representative Pat Garofalo is embarrassed. He is embarrassed by Minnesota schools that attempt to innovate in ways of promoting integration.

He says we should scrap it all.

Living in lilly-white Farmington, MN, Garofalo objects to programs that try to use innovation to integrate minorities and cultures. He has little use for talk about "hip-hop" or accomodating second languages or even "kindness retreats".

Rep. Garofalo is one of those hard core conservative Republicans. His government shouldn't be involved in things like that. It is wasteful and useless.

Now, the facts. Even in Garofalo's Dakota county, the minority population (as of 2005) was 13.5%. By 2015, the minority population is projected to hit 19.3%. and by 2020 the number will be 21.7%. One out of five. Significant change.

Now, Rep. Garofalo is essentially saying...let's worry about it later. Forget about integrating the population. It will all work out on its own. The schools don't need to prepare. We've got bigger problems.

Except, problems that are shoved to the side become bigger, more expensive problems later.

Legislators are supposed to anticipate the future. To examine the trends and plan for them. Rep. Garofalo seems to disagree.

Apparently, to Garofalo, a growing minority population in Minnesota is just one of those liberal methods for open ended spending boondoggles.

Soon, 19-20% of the electorate will have more to say about that.
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Colin @ colinlee.org
03/25/09 17:11
In fairness, those are Dakota County numbers, not Farmington numbers. Farmington numbers were under 4% at the last census. Google "District 36B Demographic Profile" to see his district's stats and choose the first link, since I can't post links in comments. I know it's not up-to-date.

Integration needs to be addressed through cultural understanding, but the most important factor is proper English Second Language instruction and providing teacher training which addresses the achievement gap, since his district's largest minority is Hispanic. Whether or not legislators notice it, deep suburban ESL populations are increasing dramatically and many districts aren't ready for the change. Minorities need quality literacy instruction much more than they need hip-hop.


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