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Mary Kiffmeyer: Still Tracking Down Voter Fraud

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 03/24/09 15:40, Edited: 03/24/09 18:10

by Dave Mindeman

Aren't you glad that Mary Kiffmeyer is back?

In the "this might be nuts" department, Kiffmeyer wants to go after Kathleen Soliah, aka, Sara Jane Olson, for voter fraud.

Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, R-Big Lake, has sent a letter to Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner regarding the voting history of former SLA member Kathleen Soliah, recently paroled from California state prison after serving time for crimes conducted as a member of the underground group.

We have just gone through a voting system analysis that shows "lizard people", a student who messed up his absentee because he wouldn't pay for a copy, ballots with x's, dashes, and circles around names. Yet, Rep. Kiffmeyer is incensed that one person, Sara Jane Olson (who won't be voting again as a convicted felon) might have voted under her assumed name over 10 years ago.

Why the obsession?

?Clearly, for every time that Soliah voted fraudulently, she stole the vote of a legimate Minnesota voter,? Kiffmeyer opines in the letter.

I guess what she means is that Soliah cancelled out a "legitimate" Republican vote -- you see, back then, Soliah was also a DFL activist.

Kiffmeyer still thinks the Minnesota voting system is rampant with voter fraud. Apparently, Soliah is her current example. Could we be getting a preface of a rematch between Mark Ritchie and Mary Kiffmeyer in 2010?

Well, Rep. Kiffmeyer, good luck with that.

UPDATE: It looks like Kiffmeyer was on another witch hunt. Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner responded to Kiffmeyer's letter:
But Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner said Olson, 62, changed her name legally when she married in 1980 and that, as Olson, she voted legally in Ramsey County.
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