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MN GOP Inside Your Computer

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 03/01/06 13:52, Edited: 03/01/06 15:53

by Dave Mindeman

The Minnesota GOP isn't satisfied with having a general idea of how their base feels about the wedge issues. No, they want to know what each individual's opinion is. Now, they can do that right on the home computer.

The Center for American Progress and MPR's Polinaut have reported on a CD/DVD being sent to "identified" Republicans as a general survey. Without explicitly saying so, people answering the survey have their data transmitted online to a collection site.

I imagine that most people will assume this is happening, but what they don't know, that the article pointed out, is that the site is not secure and that some personal information can be accessed. Anyone with some computer savvy can decompile the program on the CD/DVD to find the site. (Probably fixed by now...) Mailing lists could be downloaded directly into a spreadsheet.

This is why a full disclosure disclaimer stating that data collected is being stored by the sender, would be the ethical thing to do. But as we are well aware, the MN GOP and ethics are not compatible!
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