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Stay in School? No, Its Another Obama Plot!

Category: Barack Obama
Posted: 09/03/09 17:12, Edited: 09/03/09 18:42

by Dave Mindeman

I think the following excerpts of a Yahoo story can speak for themselves as to the stupidity of the current right wing goofiness....

Last month, in an interview with 11-year-old student reporter Damon Weaver, the president announced his big back-to-school plan:

"I'm going to be making a big speech to young people all across the country about the importance of education; about the importance of staying in school; how we want to improve our education system and why it?s so important for the country. So I hope everybody tunes in."

I think we can establish that this is merely a high profile public service announcement to emphasize the importance of staying in school.

But that didn't stop the conspiracy obsessed right from turning it into something "sinister"....

But Jim Greer, the chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, came out swinging against the planned speech. An excerpt from his statement:

"The address scheduled for September 8, 2009, does not allow for healthy debate on the President's agenda, but rather obligates the youngest children in our public school system to agree with our President's initiatives or be ostracized by their teachers and classmates."

The Cato Institute, a public-policy research foundation, issued a press release entitled "Hey Obama, Leave Those Kids Alone," criticizing the "troubling buzzwords" in the lesson plans:

"It's one thing for a president to encourage all kids to work hard and stay in school ? that's a reasonable use of the bully pulpit. It's another thing entirely, however, to have the U.S. Department of Education send detailed instructions to public schools nationwide on how to glorify the president and the presidency, and push them to drive social change."

Watch the local school boards cower on this one.

UPDATE: Oh my God...Kline is pontificating

?Just as parents are able to review a textbook before it is used or consider a planned field trip before children leave the classroom, public consideration of your remarks in advance of the live address would ensure parents can review them, make an informed decision about whether the material is appropriate for their children, and engage them accordingly,? Kline wrote along with Republican Policy Committee Chairman Thaddeus McCotter, R-MI.

When's the last time you did a little textbook reading?

And, speaking of that, if only we had the opportunity to scrutinize and evaluate everything Obama's predecessor had said......oh wait, we couldn't do that -- he was the decider.

This is nuts.

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09/04/09 11:23

I trust that this is not an unfamiliar expression :
?Can't see the forest for the trees?.

The story is not about the Presidential speech, but instead the ability (and energy) effectively used to denounce the speech such that the White House has now changed some of the wording on the Department of Education website.
Admittedly, leaving the impression that the message was ?how can you help to enact the Obama agenda? is the wrong message. The lesson plan suggests questions, such as: ?What do you think the President wants us to do? Does the speech make you want to do anything? Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us? What would you like to tell the President??
Linking Obama is problematic.
Yet, those that denounce this speech, do not know what the Obama message is. The White House has announced that the speech will be released beforehand ? and the message is to be about staying in school ? not about healthcare reform, etc. Also, the telecast is voluntary ? no school has to participate.

It?s not uncommon for Presidents to reach out to children to address the world?s problems. FDR talked to kids about donating a dime to help eradicate polio which allowed the March of Dimes to be successful. In 2001, George W. Bush raised the stakes and asked kids for a $1 for America's Fund for Afghan Children. In fact, Bush had a whole section on the government website for kids ? including a section on patriotism ? do you think that Jim Greer, the Florida Republican Party Chairman who denounced Obama?s speech (?indoctrinating American?s youngest children before they have a chance to decide for themselves.";) couldn?t have used the same words to describe Bush?s efforts ?

No, the ?forest? is being missed.
From tax protests to town hall shout-downs, there is a ?spark? that has lit a flame that has awakened people to call their school districts in protest.
There is a real movement that is having an effect.
The sad thing is that these people are being manipulated ? sure they may be angry about taxes or expansion of government, but the people that are pulling the strings are doing it on a purely political basis. When President Obama cannot talk to schoolchildren about the importance of educating and achieving goals, there is something seriously wrong with the manipulators motivation.
It is a testament to the power of the conservative movement that through the mass emailing of stories and the spoken words of Beck/Lindbaugh/Thompson/Hannity that telephone calls are made demanding that school officials take action.

Regarding Kline?s comment about reviewing textbooks, that is really a waste of time. Either the choice is home school or accepting the public school system ? either way there are state standards but depending who does the teaching may have some impact on what is being taught. And if you recall Education Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke efforts in 2004 to rewrite history by eliminating reference to President Kennedy and Johnson?s administration while proclaiming that ?Students will know the political and economic policies that led to the collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War, including the role of Ronald Reagan?, political agenda has been used to establish circulum.
And for Kline to question the President?s motives, he should explain why he brought Bush?s Secretary of Education Margeret Spellings to Grainwood Elementary School ?. (this was not Kline?s first visit to Grainwood) Would they have not also talked about the importance of staying in school and achieving goals ? But is there any doubt that Kline has not preached his political vision to these young minds ?

Lastly, it?s comical that some are proclaiming that this is waste of valuable school time when over the next sixteen weeks various Minnesota Viking football players will be attending various school assemblies with the expressed message of staying in school and achieving goals ? yet some of those same players will not be college graduates and may have had run-ins with the law. They?ll be cheered by the students and the parents will want to hear what the player said ? and yet some of these same parents are denouncing the President for the same message.



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