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Decision Poll -- Part III: Pawlenty's Ratings

Category: Tim Pawlenty
Posted: 01/14/10 16:09, Edited: 01/14/10 18:52

by Dave Mindeman

The Decision Poll reported by the Pioneer Press also gauged the public about Governor Pawlenty. And, for the first time, the numbers are scathing.

The Decision Resources poll delivers bad news for Pawlenty. By nearly 2-to-1, Minnesotans oppose the governor making a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

By a similar ratio, they don't think he has paid sufficient attention to Minnesota's problems while he has appeared to be campaigning for president.

In addition, Pawlenty's job ratings are down. Only 29 percent said he was doing a good or excellent job, while 69 percent rated his performance as only fair or poor. Morris said those were Pawlenty's lowest ratings ever.

Minnesotans don't want Governor Pawlenty running for President and they aren't too happy about how he's running the state.

The gimmicks have finally worn out their welcome. A 29% approval rating is by far the worst mark Pawlenty has received. I'm not sure what to attribute that to specifically; it could just be a cumulative effect. After all, he has made sure to assume full responsibility for the budget.

I'm not sure how you go on the Presidential speaking circuit with numbers like this in your home state.

Teflon Tim seems to have acquired a scratch.
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