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The Potential Irony of the Supreme Court Decision

Category: Media
Posted: 01/22/10 12:22

by Dave Mindeman

There is a certain compelling irony that could develop as a result of the Supreme Court ruling yesterday. With the flood gates of corporate cash about to be unleashed, dollars, that have been on the sidelines in corporate coffers, could suddenly get pushed into the economy.

What industry has been hurting for years? Media. Who benefits from the influx of advertising dollars? Media.

We could be talking billions of dollars.

But here is the real irony. Suppose the influx of money is as big as is being assumed. Media outlets suddenly become more profitable, which results in more media coverage, more jobs at newspapers, radio, TV, & Cable -- from national outlets to the local weeklies. Those dollars begin to fillter through the economy and unemployment begins to drop. Stock markets rise..... optimism grows....anger subsides.

Obama gets credit for the economic upturn and the mid-terms are a rousing success for the Democrats.

How ironic would that be?
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