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DFL Proposes A (Gasp!) Tax Increase

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 05/10/10 13:27, Edited: 05/10/10 13:29

by Dave Mindeman

I am not sure how conservatives managed to get us all into a group think about this, but why is it when we talk about taxes, that it seems like we have suddenly discovered a new language?

How does the state pay for the things it does? Does it earn money somehow? Does it sell commodities? Does it sell stocks?

No, it pays for things by collecting taxes.

Over the past 8 years, Pawlenty and the GOP have been trying to tell us that taxes should not exist. They are always bad. They are always job killers. They always hurt small business. They always ruin everything we do.

Yet, for some reason the state has to have them to function.

The DFL is proposing a balanced budget package (yes, yet again, they have put forward a perfect credit to debit ratio), that contains $2.5 billion in tax cuts and shifts...but what do Republicans call a press conference about? The $433 million in tax increases on the wealthier Minnesotans. That is a 6-1 ratio of cuts vs tax increases.

Is this tax increase going to affect the average Minnesotan? NO. Is this tax increase going to affect 20% of Minnesotans? NO. Is this tax increase going to affect 15% of Minnesotans? NO. Is this tax increase even permanent? NO.

Yet, Tom Emmer and his legislative cohorts shout at the top of their lungs that the sky is going to fall. We are all doomed because the state might collect a little more in (gasp) taxes to pay its bills. Man, those Democrats must be crazy!

It might behoove our Republican friends to remember that their cuts in spending have not reduced taxes overall. All those LGA cuts have simply popped up as property tax increases against the homeowners.

And all those health and human service cuts have been detrimental to hospitals and on Minnesota's insured. Raising premiums on everybody because the bill for the uninsured isn't getting paid.

And, again, the Republicans are telling us that this new tax tier is simply taking money away from small business owners. I wonder how many small businesses would be willing to say that they are taking a $200,000 salary out of their business. Really think the profits are that great in these recessionary times?

Of course, Governor Pawlenty will veto any bill with taxes in it. And he will blame the legislature for ....well, let's be truthful... for being legal and responsible. For offering a balanced budget that doesn't put the poor out on the street and asks our wealthier citizens to step up....for once.

It is astonishing that the only way we can pay for state services, taxes, is the only thing Republicans won't allow in the budget.

Really, how did we get to this absurdity?
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05/12/10 19:10
Great post and great comment.
05/10/10 16:08
We got to this absurdity by having just enough of the populace voting in just enough Republicans to block any chances for effective government. The Karl Rove - Grover Norquist think tanks are having a field day. Starve government of revenue - tell everyone that government doesn't work - government can't work well without adequate funding - starve the government some more, etc.

I'm glad that I grew up in the 50's and 60's. Government worked pretty well then (compared to now). There were lots of schools and highways built, clean water and air were considered important,and it only took one income to support a family.

If the GOP had been in charge, we would still have lead in our gasoline, eagles would be extinct, and the Cuyahoga River would still catch fire.


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