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MAK on Education: Critique of Opponents OK, But Actions Lacking

Category: Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Posted: 07/25/10 08:57

by Dave Mindeman

I can understand that Margaret Anderson Kelliher would be sharpening the discussion as we approach the primary, but I am not sure that for her, education funding is the right topic.

She criticizes Matt Entenza regarding his plan to end No Child Left Behind....and although we are all concerned about losing the Federal dollars involved, there is no question that because of the way it has been implemented, it is costing schools to keep it going.

And with regards to Dayton, the funding without fixing it argument is also a concern. The formula has been debated for some time and does need reform.

But Kelliher's criticism, although valid, come from a person who has had opportunities to deal with both problems but has done virtually nothing about them.

For most of her tenure as Speaker, she has criticized Gov. Pawlenty's approach to Minnesota education, and rightly so, but in the end, has ratified all the shifts and sleight of hand that has highlighted his methods.

She hasn't done anything to fix the formula (although she has been the one in the best position to offer changes) and certainly can't do anything about reforming NCLB because it is a Federal program.

I'm not criticizing what MAK is saying here -- it needs to be said. But the critique is disingenuous unless you can offer a fix or a better approach.

When it comes to education, MAK says the right things, but the real proof is in the doing.....and I question her record on that.
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07/27/10 10:35
We are not going to see MAK's true colors until after the primary. She cannot possibly pander to her base and make any forward progress. Once the primary is behind us the real campaign, with real issues, and real solutions, can be discussed. She's pandering to her base with a message they want to hear. If she wins in August she will be able to deviate from the message she's using to get through the primary intact. Until then, the GOP takes copious notes on all the pre-primary talking points that will eventually prevent her (or any other DFL candidate) from being elected.

It's really difficult to believe that the DFL could screw this up. They are following one of the most unpopular Govs in recent history. I think the primary chatter is going to deep six the DFL's chances for the Gov race.

I'm just sayin'....

07/25/10 14:10
Would you believe I agree with you? None of these three have a solution to the problem of education costing too much and delivering too little.


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