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Kline: No Debates - They Are Not Proper Channels

Category: John Kline
Posted: 10/13/10 11:10

by Dave Mindeman

"It's not my responsibility to help Ms. Madore in her campaign efforts,'' (John Kline) said. "My constituents, the voters, have had plenty of opportunity to hear from me and know where I stand on the issues.'' --Pioneer Press quoting Cong. John Kline

I have lived in the 2nd District for the entire tenure of Congressman John Kline and it always astonishes me in regards to the utter contempt that Kline has for constituents that do not support him lock, stock and barrel.

I am trying to figure out how I, as a constituent, can really get to know him. He uses automated telephone town meetings that are carefully screened. The number of open to the public town meetings for his entire career can be counted on one hand. He never talks about his own personal ideas....only recites talking points. And he avoids, like the plague, any one on one conversations unless it is with people he trusts.

When a number of us tried to get a personal meeting with Kline over the Iraq War, we were given all the different excuses. And the one meeting that I know got scheduled was held by a staffer.

Kline looks stiff when doing the few city parades he gets to. And when confronted by someone who disagrees with him, the visible anger on his face is palpable.

Kline treats political campaigns like his career in the military. You choose the battle zone. Democrats are treated like the enemy. They are treated with contempt and to be shown no quarter. Kline only comes out of his bunker when he needes to attack. Constituents are looked upon as potential collateral damage.

His Democratic challenger is Shelley Madore and her frustration level with Kline's tactics are growing. She has given and made every opportunity for Kline to speak and discuss his plans to solve the problems of the 2nd District.....but to no avail.

Kline likes to brag about the potential takeover of the House by the Republicans and his potential chairmanship of a powerful committee. Yet, he does not feel the need to talk to ALL of his constituents about it. He only deals with his supporters... the ones who will benefit from Kline's newfound influence.

Shelley Madore would like Kline to discuss all of that with her in a public forum. To talk to all of us, not just the ones of his choosing.

But then Kline doesn't consider people like me worthy of his attention. I, and those like me, have to understand that to talk to the Colonel, we have to go through "proper channels".

And debates are just not proper channels.

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10/16/10 13:38
Where is John Kline ?

After campaigning for Randy Demmer in southern Minnesota last week, this week he was on the road. On Wednesday, to Wisconsin to campaign for Dan Kapanke; then to St. Charles Illinois on the 14th campaigning for Randy Hultgen to represent the Fourteenth District and on Friday in Urbandale Iowa to campaign for Brad Zaun to represents the Third District and also on the same day in Waterloo campaigning for his former staffer Ben Lange for Iowa's First District.

While some voters may be asking "Where's John Kline ?" ... isn't the better question, "Why does John Kline ignore Minnesota's Second District ?"

It's not a question of that Mr. Kline does not want "to help Ms. Madore in her campaign efforts,'' ... it should be to engage in DEMOCRACY.

Mr. Kline has already violated his PLEDGE to reduce spending when he voted to increase NASA funding for three years ($19.0 billion in FY 2011 to $19.96 billion in FY 2013) when the PLEDGE said they would reduce spending to FY 2008 levels which was at $17.6. Mr. Kline is a Big Spender of OUR MONEY for Big Business interests. Mr. Kline likes to promote wasteful spending as illuminated by the Citizens Against Government Waste, yet funding for NASA and the Joint Strike Force alternate engine are two thier targets, yet Mr. Kline supports these programs.

It's not that he is ducking Ms. Madore, he's ducking Minnesotans. It's shameful ... and if Ryan is correct that Madore won't win, then go ahead and vote for Madore as a protest vote.

10/14/10 10:32

"Kline debated his last 3 opponents multiple times ..."

Yeah, "right."

In 2006, Kline got the PiPress endorsement, and promptly blew off the last three debates, including the Goodhue County Veterans Forum at the Zumbrota VFW.

Watch Kline's designated liar, Mike Osskopp, lie about Kline's ZERO ratings from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV):


While I have nothing but respect for LTC Kline's service while he wore the uniform, I have nothing but contempt for Congressman Kline's "service" (to the GOP) in Congress.

As a member of the VFW and DAV, I can tell you it is a fact that Kline's designated liar, Mike Osskopp, lied about the DAV in the YouTube, above.
10/13/10 20:15

I get that your a Democrat and that you don't like Kline but I can't believe you're on this bandwagon. You know better than anyone that Madore isn't a credible candidate.

If you followed Kline's website, you would know that Kline did 26 parades. Madore did none...zero.

If you drove around, you'd see that he has a couple of hundred signs up. I've seen one Madore sign....in her front yard.

Kline has raised over a million dollars, Madore hasn't raised enough to run for city council.

Kline has won re-election 3 times with ever increasing margins. Madore was fired by the voters after 1 term.

Kline had a honorable military career. Madore was just fired by her last private sector employer.

Kline debated his last 3 opponents multiple times but now Madore suddenly wants attention after doing nothing since the primary.

You were right months ago when you said she had no business running in the primary. Her 15 minutes of fame are over in 19 days.


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