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Emmer to Concede? Sanity to Resume?

Posted: 12/08/10 00:20, Edited: 09/02/12 11:39

by Dave Mindeman

Could Minnesota's Volume 2 Recount finally be over? It sounds like Tom Emmer is set to concede tomorrow - December 8th....about 5 weeks after the election.

Mark Dayton will be governor-elect and the decades long drought for the Minnesota Democratic Party will be over. It will be a bittersweet win however, with both Houses of the Legislature lost to the dark side.

But solace can be gained in the fact that shortly after Mark Dayton takes office, health care money from Federal government can be finally signed into law....something that should help financial stability for a stressed health care system.

As for Tom Emmer, it would be nice if he could find a way to shut Tony Sutton up and graciously concede in a healing sort of way. I'm not sure that will happen...especially if Sutton stands at the same podium, but we can always hope.

I imagine the overwhelming numbers from the Public Policy Poll, showing Emmer's favorables tanking and 68% of the electorate expecting him to concede now, had something to do with this decision. If Emmer plans to continue his political career he will need to get this behind him and mend some fences.

I hope that our future elections will be somewhat more sane...it is time to send the lizard people back to their own planet. It is time for the Minnesota population of lawyers to recede. And it is time for Minnesota to fix its budget deficit.

And let's also proclaim loudly that the Minnesota election system is the best in the country.....bar none.
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