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Legislative GOP: Wasn't It Jobs, Jobs, Jobs???

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 01/26/11 17:05

by Dave Mindeman

Remember the good old days when the House and Senate GOP were going to make the budget and JOBS issue number one?

Actually you should remember....it was three weeks ago. But that was then, this is now....priorities seem to have changed:

Republicans push photo I.D. bill

Republican legislators are using their new-found majorities in both chambers to push a bill to require photo identification at the polls.

Estimated Job generation: 0

Union options could wind up on 2012 ballot

The proposed legislation would ask residents to vote on a constitutional amendment on whether workers should have the ?freedom to decide to join or not join a labor union; to remain with or leave a labor union; and to pay or not pay dues? to a union, without the choice affecting their employment status.

Estimated Job generation: 0 (but you might get to work for less)

Partial smoking ban repeal introduced in House

A bill that would partially repeal Minnesota?s smoking ban has been introduced in the House. The legislation would allow smoking in bars provided they meet certain requirements.

Estimated Job generation: Possibly a few minimum wage jobs but probably offset by more health care costs

Hackbarth backing amendment protecting right to bear arms

Rep. Tom Hackbarth is proposing an amendment to the state?s constitution that would explicitly guarantee the right to bear arms. The proposal would essentially mimic the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in ensuring gun rights.

Estimated Job generation: 0

Abortion emerging as major issue, lawsuit at Minnesota Capitol

Today, a bill restricting funding for abortion was submitted to the Minnesota Senate, co-sponsored by Koch. The bill, Senate File 103, is the first anti-abortion bill of the session.

Estimated Job generation: 0

After the election Senator Koch and Speaker Zellers were telling us how "focused" they would be. It wasn't that long ago that these words were uttered.....

"If it doesn't have anything to do with business and jobs, it shouldn't be our first priority." Rep. Kurt Zellers, the speaker of the Minnesota House

"There's a lot of important issues and we will get to them. But the priority now is the budget, jobs, and the economy," Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch

That was then....this is now... (and the way they were going to do it all along).
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