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Who Are These People?

Category: IRV Voting
Posted: 06/17/11 14:28

by Jim Dooley

Who are these people who claim that there is election fraud everywhere you look? That we need to make it more difficult for seniors, the handicapped, and students to vote? That say that government spends too much money, yet require government to "reform" election systems that are the model of the country, costing all units of government thousands of dollars? The ballot by ballot recount of millions of ballots in the Coleman-Franken race proved there is no fraud.

Now these same people are placing fake candidates on the ballots in districts in Wisconsin where GOP state senators are up for recall, just to try and confuse people with dishonesty and charades. This also costs the taxpayers a great deal of money. Who are these dishonest, win at all costs, people? It is the Republican Parties of Wisconsin and Minnesota. The party of "Honest Abe" Lincoln, who must be turning in his grave.
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