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Pawlenty's Iowa Pander Strategy Continues.....

Category: Tim Pawlenty
Posted: 07/27/11 01:06

by Dave Mindeman

Tim Pawlenty is trying to convince Iowa Republicans that budget stuff is some kind of expertise that he can expound on....

"The debt limit is a line in the sand where Republicans can force the tough decisions to fix our nation's finances, and taxpayers cannot afford for us to back down now. I am for the plan that will cut spending, cap it, and pass a balanced budget amendment, but unfortunately this latest bill does not accomplish that."

OK - let's review.

Then Governor Pawlenty took a state budget, which already has a Constitutional mandate to balance its budget, and borrowed $1.8 billion from school funding. He then proceed to use gimmicks and one time money to leave office with the state in a near $6 billion hole.

This is the guy who is giving budget advice? This is the guy who criticizes Speaker Boehner's budget because it isn't enough?

I guess it is just another continuation of the "Iowa pander" strategy for Pawlenty. "Please Iowa, believe what I say, and don't pay any attention to what I actually did."

The only good thing for Minnesota is that Pawlenty is not our governor anymore and can't act on any of these irrational ruminations.

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