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It's Over, T-Paw, It's Done

Category: Tim Pawlenty
Posted: 07/27/11 15:27

by Dave Mindeman

The Washington Post has a great analysis comparing the two presidential campaigns of Pawlenty and Bachmann. But here is the entire synopsis in one short paragraph:

Then, as now, Pawlenty said he was conservative, yet Bachmann seemed to say it more loudly. He talked about his faith, and she talked about it more. He said he was a true believer, but Bachmann was somehow more believable.

Tim Pawlenty may have had an outside chance at the Republican nomination when he announced early on, but, for all practical purposes, he is dead in the water now that Bachmann is in it for good.

Bachmann represents the GOP as it is now. Hard right, fiscally irrational, with a deep religious undertone. She IS the Republican primary voter. Despite all of the pandering and policy changes that Pawlenty has undergone over the last year, he is still only a shadow of what Bachmann already is.

The Pawlenty strategy depended heavily on a solid Iowa showing. In fact, his best chance depended on an Iowa win. But that is now only a fantasy dream as Minnesota Congresswoman turned Iowa native, Bachmann, pushes Pawlenty into the afterthought category. There is virtually no path for a Pawlenty win anymore. And his tentative nature at confrontation with his opponents makes him look weaker and less convincing in the bigger picture.

Bachmann can out shout, out fundraise, and out right shift Pawlenty at every single turn.

It's over T-Paw. Pack it in.
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07/28/11 08:45
Yep, I agree. Pawlenty has been poisoned by his own teflon coating that have begun to peel away.
07/27/11 16:56
All of which raises the interesting question of who/what TP will become next. I am fearful that he will crawl back to MN and try to reinvent himself as a candidate for...what???...Senator? Bridge Inspector? Financial manager? Many possibilities for Chameleon Man, whose talents are meager.
07/27/11 16:28
Pawlenty sold his moderate soul to the right-wing extremists, and is now paying the price for being false to his own true values.


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