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Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 07/31/11 02:35

by Dave Mindeman

Disgust at the Debt Crisis Runs Deep....that's what a Star Tribune article pointed out as they talked to residents of Washington County...a district that is mostly represented by Michele Bachmann.

But how do we just fix it? Everybody talks with words like compromise or a deal. But doesn't that require two willing partners?

"You can be a Republican or a Democrat, but you should come into a debate really listening and looking out for the good for all and then you compromise sometimes," Anna Maakestad, a high school teacher from Marine.

There's that word. Compromise.

Tony Sutton, Chair of the MN GOP: "Without being overly rhetorical, a compromise to the left is a compromise of good and evil."

How can we move ahead? If two sides disagree and one of them refuses to move on the most basic of points, where do you go from there? If one side won't play, they both pay.

"Both sides just seem ridiculous," said Margaret LeClair, an insurance broker who took a boating break to walk Leo, her King Charles spaniel, down Stillwater's Main Street. "How they can continue to not get their job done is mind-boggling and disappointing."

The positions harden. Even as the stakes get higher.

Amy Koch, MN GOP Senate Majority Leader: "Never give in to balanced approach."

It seems basic. It seems like an obvious condition. To work together, both sides need to be respected.

Susie Armstrong, said if she were in Washington, D.C., instead Washington County, she'd carry a sign to the Capitol that reads: "'You're all fired.' The Constitution was built on compromise, right?" she asked.

Built on compromise. There's that word again. Shouldn't all of our representatives strive for a compromise that moves us forward?

Michele Bachmann, Republican Presidential Candidate: "I have a very strong, very proven record that I am not a compromiser. I came here as an outsider to fight the current political climate in Washington, D.C., and I have stayed true to that. I have a spine made out of titanium."

You know, if compromise is the way to go, I wonder who should get the blame when no compromise is reached?

I wonder.....
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07/31/11 21:43
Dave wrote:
"You know, if compromise is the way to go, I wonder who should get the blame when no compromise is reached?

I wonder..... "

There you go again Dave, looking for somebody to blame.

There is no debt crisis. There is only a minority and a majority in congress that is hell bent on a common goal. That being to spend more than last year. They are not cutting any spending, they are discussing the slowing of spending increases. The entire debate is disingenuous. A fraud really. And the taxpayers are the victims.

The real debate should be about ending the endless wars on several fronts. They should be owning up to the crisis coming in retirement incomes. Several economists are claiming double digit inflation rates are coming. Wells Fargo reports that the average 55 year old has a whopping $29,000 saved up for retirement. It's a joke. And nobody is talking the issues.

I've long said that farmers won't get fair value for their product until the store shelves go empty some day. I'm thinking the same may be true of government. We won't really know the value of those entitlements until they are gone.

Stop finding excuses to blame and start promoting answers to real issues.



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