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The State of Bush World

Posted: 07/15/06 11:36, Edited: 05/26/13 11:25

by Dave Mindeman

The Bush foreign policy plan should be called CowPie Diplomacy because it is a pile of...well you know.

Here is the current state of the "Bush" world:

We have an widening conflict between Israel and Palestinian groups... rapidly escalating to involve Lebanon and possibly Syria. Tony Snow confirmed that Bush has not yet spoken to any Israeli officials.

Russian President Putin is purging his country of any opposition. The former KGB agent may be returning Russia to one party rule. Bush is a guest of Putin during the G-8 Summit and his comment was, "I assured them the United States of America cares about the form of government in Russia. I hope I was encouraging for them. It was instructive to me."

North Korea test fires missiles in spite of US rhetoric that this cannot be permitted. Bush's line is, "Diplomacy takes time." While we waffle about direct or 6 party talks.

Iraq continues to deteriorate as the Iraqis become more disenchanted with the "occupation" and their own government's inability to provide basic services. As we continue to get "bogged down", other fronts open up...

such as Iran...the opportunity to increase their influence in the region has escalated as they stand up to the US. The constant mixed messages coming from Washington are confusing our allies and emboldening the enemy.

Mexico's weak economy continues to cause immigration problems for America -- yet the response is to militarize the border while exploiting a cheap labor force.

British public opinion of the US continues to plummet along with Tony Blair's approval ratings. The British populace was on to our "leadership" problems long before we were.

Guantanamo... continues to be the blackest eye for the world's opinion of the United States. As the Supreme Court ways in, Bush continues to stall his way through a human rights indignity.

There you have it... a quick world tour. Thank you President Bush for making the world such a safe place.
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