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MN HHS Bill - We Have Yet Another Gimmick

Category: Health Care
Posted: 08/01/11 18:58

by Dave Mindeman

The Minnesota budget is still being figured out. Especially in Health and Human Services where complications can by myriad. However, as Politics in Minnesota examines the basics, this stands out:

On the spreadsheet outlining the details of Minnesota?s $11 billion health and human services budget, ?Managed Care Contracting Reform? is booked for a savings of $135 million in the current biennium. That amounts to more than 10 percent of the $1.2 billion in cuts....So what exactly constitutes ?Managed Care Contracting Reform?? It simply means delaying a $135 million payment to the state?s health plans by one month. In other words, it?s not actually saving the state a dime, but rather postponing part of the financial hit until the next biennium.

Let's define it properly. It is a gimmick. A kick the can. A monetary sleight of hand. Another IOU. Really, it is just plain irresponsible.

It is no wonder that Moody's has put Minnesota on a negative watch. It's not budgeting -- it is a scam.

There is plenty of pain in the HHS bill...no mistake about that. But it is getting insulting to watch the GOP gimmick there way into saying they are fiscally responsible.

They aren't.
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08/01/11 20:41
Dave wrote:

"...saying they are fiscally responsible.

They aren't. "

Amen Dave!

We are witnessing the fallout of NOT having term limits. Minnesota has a very short memory. This will all fade to black by the time the next election rolls around. The same bunch will run again. The same bunch will get elected. The same bunch will get to tidy up all the unfinished business. Think term limits Dave.


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