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GOP Sutton Puts the Kabosh on Anything Involving Ed Minnesota

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 08/11/11 00:16, Edited: 08/11/11 00:17

by Dave Mindeman

In another example of the pup tent that GOP Chair Tony Sutton calls the Republican Party, members of Education Minnesota who actually want to affiliate themselves (though God knows why) with the Minnesota GOP cancelled their organizational meeting after Sutton got involved.

"One of the people involved with this was very insistent that it only be public school teachers and union members," Sutton said. "It really raised some concerns for me because I think there are a lot of teachers in charter schools and private schools that should be part of this, if we do something like this."

I don't know anything about Tom Schoper, the guy who tried to organize this and a teacher in the Glencoe-Silver Lake school district, but my guess is that he wanted to try to build a bridge that links a part of Education Minnesota to the MN Republican Party. Non-union teachers are exactly that - non-union - and therefore not involved with lobby efforts that goes on via Education Minnesota. Non-union teachers have their own methods of political involvement and more than likely, it does not coincide with the union.

But, apparently, Chairman Sutton doesn't want any bridge to Education Minnesota. He doesn't want substantive discussions with the educators who understand about educating our kids the best.

No, Sutton wants to keep Education Minnesota right where they are.... #1 on the GOP enemies list.

How in the world could they blame teachers for education failures if they are actually working with at least some of them? How could they rail about education spending if educators are explaining to them the real needs? How could they exploit the social conservatives who want vouchers and religion in the schools if the Party is actually discussing these issues with the "other side".

Tony Sutton put the kabosh on any actual real world talks with that part of Education Minnesota that leans Republican.

It's more important to keep that pup tent small.
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