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SCSU Poll: GOP Leg Gets Blame For The Shutdown

Posted: 11/11/11 10:32, Edited: 04/24/13 15:28

by Dave Mindeman

Well, for once it looks like the Democrats in Minnesota are actually winning a message war....


A majority of those polled, or 55 percent, blame the state government shutdown on the Minnesota Legislature. Eighteen percent blame Gov. Dayton, and 18 percent say they're both to blame.

No margin of error ambiguity there. The GOP Legislature has us all convinced. The shutdown was their responsibility.

Which makes recent statements from the GOP leadership kind of curious.

Does Rep. Garofalo really want to keep bashing education funding, teachers, and levies?

Does Sen. Hann really want to hold up health care funds?

Does the Koch/Zellers comedy team want to continue looking like obstacles to keeping the Vikings?

Going into 2012, where Gov. Dayton isn't even on the ballot and given that the public is casting a wary eye on who is the problem when it comes to budgets, you have to wonder how school shifts and tobacco bonding are going to play with voters.

Governor Dayton looks like the one who is working, who is trying....actually leading on most issues. If the GOP legislature wants to continue its do nothing, block everything strategy, then they do so at their own peril.
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