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Polling Data: MN Legislative GOP Should Consider Reevaluating

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 01/27/12 17:15, Edited: 01/27/12 17:18

by Dave Mindeman

Public Policy Polling released the rest of their Minnesota polling data today and it had a lot of good news for Democrats....

Mark Dayton's numbers have improved since PPP last polled Minnesota in May and he's one of the most popular Governors in the country.

A little belated birthday present for Mark. Dayton has an approval rating of 53%, while disapproval is at 34% -- a 19% spread.

But there's more...

Dayton may get himself an easier legislature to work with next year. Democrats lead the generic legislative ballot in the state by a 48-39 margin. If that holds through November they should win back a whole lot of the seats they lost in 2010. It's not that legislative Democrats are popular- only 31% of voters have a favorable opinion of them to 49% with a negative one. But legislative Republicans have horrible numbers. Their favorability rating is 23% with 62% of voters viewing them negatively. That honeymoon wore off real fast.

And despite those numbers the GOP legislature continues to play ultra partisan games. Slashing the DFL Senate budget and bypassing the legislative process with amendment after amendment.

Speaking of amendments....the Marriage Discrimination Amendment is still running close...

Minnesota's constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage is headed for a close vote. 48% of voters say they support it while 44% are opposed.

But this is the most relevant piece of the puzzle....

It's very much a generational issue- voters under 65 oppose the amendment but seniors support it 58/32 and that's making the difference right now.

If seniors in Minnesota want to support this amendment ..OK...fine. But the absolute wrong thing to do is to make this a part of the Constitution. That senior generation could be imposing their preferences on their kids and grandkids who believe differently.

That amendment vote is a Constitutional travesty.

As for the Vikings stadium...

59% of Minnesota voters are opposed to the public paying any part of the cost for a new Vikings stadium, while just 33% are supportive. But they change their minds if a publicly funded stadium is the only way to keep the team in the state- 46% say they'd support tax money for a stadium if that's what it took to keep the Vikings while only 39% say they'd prefer the team just moving.

Maybe a little wiggle room? or should I say a slight hole over left tackle?

All in all, politically encouraging data....but plenty of work to do.
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01/27/12 21:53

Considering polling that shows Franken's numbers have improved and Klobuchar's remain high ... so the biggest threat to President Obama is for the MN-GOP to stack the ballot with all sorts of Constitutional Amendments to drive "issue" voters to the polls ... hence Voter ID, "Worker Rights", etc may be their way.

So, WHERE is the DFL candidates for MN-02 and MN-06 ? MN-03 and MN-08 seem to have multiple candidates in the mix .... if there are going to be any coattails from the top to help the State Legislature candidates, doesn't there need to be someone in every district ?

BTW ... do you think the mature approach that Governor Dayton has taken on the Vikiings stadium has helped ... even if the taxpayers don't want to pay for it, they sure don't want to the lose the business ... and obviously the Governor is trying.


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