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Stand Your Ground To Kill

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 03/20/12 23:35

by Dave Mindeman

Stand your ground.

Have Republicans considered that their intense desire to make gun access and use so unrestricted, that laws promoting such "protections" can actually tie law enforcement hands?

The outrageous shooting and murder of an African-American teenager in Florida has made it clear that the Stand Your Ground gun law puts innocent people at risk.

Police have been unable to act. They have not arrested the shooter in this case because the crime, as it pertains to Florida state law, is undefined. They (gun bill promoters) have unleashed a dangerous force. A force that is also currently law in many other states....including Wisconsin.

Is brandishing a weapon against passers by a new normal? Is profiling the race of a stranger now considered enough reason to consider yourself in "danger"?

Stand Your Ground and "Castle Doctrine" gun laws have crossed a dangerous line and I hope that the momentum propelling this law enforcement nightmare can stop.
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03/25/12 08:52

The facts are still a little unclear on the Zimmerman-Martin case, but evaluating the Stand Your Ground legislation is appropriate.
I don't know the Florida laws, but WHAT IF Martin also had a Conceal-and-Carry permit ... thus if Zimmerman approached him, Martin could have felt threatened and "stood his ground" ... would we have two dead ? Or if only the Latina-Caucasian man died after Martin "stood his ground", would the anger be different if the trigger-man defending himself was African-American ?

I am one Minnesotan that plans to enjoy my retirement years in the "warmth" of Minnesota rather than "tax-free" Florida ... unless "Gun-totting" Tony Cornish or one of his "friends" win the governership.


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