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Are Discussions About Guns Off Limits?

Category: Guns
Posted: 04/13/12 16:20, Edited: 04/13/12 16:28

by Dave Mindeman

It is disturbing that the NRA has such a lock on the country's political process that no politician dares utter the phrase "gun control". It is especially disturbing when the killing of Trayvon Martin cries out for a substantive debate on Stand Your Ground or Castle Doctrine laws....laws that the NRA has been pushing for some time.

We absolutely need to talk about this. But no one, no Democrat, no Republican, nobody wants to risk the ire of the powerful NRA lobby.

Ever since Charlton Heston warned us that the only way they could take away his guns was out of his "cold, dead hands".....the National Rifle Association has threatened, bought, and handcuffed every politician they come in contact with.

President Obama hasn't made a move on restricting gun laws....yet the NRA is targeting him (pun intended) as unfriendly to the 2nd Amendment.

Over the past few years we have had tragedy after tragedy. A number of high school shootings, Virginia Tech, Gabby Giffords...and yet gun restriction discussion is squelched before it begins.

Since 2008, Florida has had 11 cases that invoked the Stand Your Ground law. All but one of those cases had a person die.

Three of those cases are still pending. One ended in a full acquittal. In 2 of those cases, immunity was granted. In the other 5, no charges were even brought. In only 2 of these cases was there a robbery or theft involved. The others involved arguments that got out of hand, a bar shooting, and one case of road rage.

No convictions for the shooter.

Have we become immune to violence? Have we become desensitized to the idea that guns are everywhere?

Just about everyone is OK with 2nd Amendment protections. But to expand gun rights to the point of condoning vigilante justice and shootouts in the streets is absolutely absurd.

We are handcuffing law enforcement. When George Zimmerman decided that waiting for the police was not the best option to take when confronting a stranger....when he thinks it is OK to ignore warnings to not get involved and take matters into his own hands..... then we have a problem.

If George Zimmerman had not been carrying a gun, he would have waited for police. If George Zimmerman had not been carrying a gun, he wouldn't have confronted Trayvon Martin. If George Zimmerman had not been carrying a gun, Trayvon Martin would be alive today.

Isn't that worth a discussion?
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04/13/12 22:07
okay this is about law instead of about guns. Most people do okay with guns... hunting their deer meat, etc. The problem is when laws leave people thinking: 'Well, if it gets that bad, I will shoot someone who makes me nervous" Some kid, Trayvon, bought tea and walked home. Hardly scary. Zimmerman seems to have followed him for a long time, and for sure long enough to freak the kid out. And i agree, taking the law into our own hands is not typically part of a civilized society.


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