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If Poor People Had Viking Clout...Hmmmm

Category: Vikings Stadium
Posted: 04/20/12 14:41

by Dave Mindeman

I wonder if a collaboration of poor people were to band together and come to the legislature to request an increase in food stamps or subsistence payments....or even decreases in premiums on their portion of health care....I wonder if they would be able to come back to the legislature time after time after time and get no after no after no...and still retain the opinion that eventuallly something will be done. I wonder.

If you substitute poor people with Zygi's Vikings and the answer would be absolutely....something will most certainly get done.

This endless prattle about what we can do for this billion dollar franchise and its multi-million dollar players borders on the ridiculous.

I can't remember how many times this issue has been declared dead only to produce another Lazarus type miracle and rise zombie like from the grave.

What if we came up with as many revenue ideas for an actual state budget as we do to finance a stadium? Well, I, for one, would be stunned that our state's programs would ever be put upon the same level of importance as the Vikings.

Roger Goodell comes flying down to tundra territory to...well tell us what? That he flew down here to make no threats? To travel all those miles to just let us know the NFL is monitoring the situation? There are phones and newspapers and faxes... and other such things for all that. Goodell's physical presence isn't needed. But the NFL executives are good at strong arming the implications. We, as the keepers of the League are here, and we are not happy.

I love Governor Dayton, but I still fail to understand why he uses so much political capital on a football system that is played by rich people to gouge big bucks from fans that keep giving whatever is aked. These are the same rich people that thumb their nose at Dayton's suggestion that they should be helping with their share of paying for the state balance sheet.

It defies logic. The Vikings want money from the rest of us to increase their billion dollar net worth. They want the state to contribute to their profits. All the while they will not support tax fairness and will probably be giving large sums of money to Republican causes to blockade any progress in tax fairness. Money that they could simply use for the stadium itself and give all of us a break.

Am I making sense? I doubt it. Because none of this has any sense in it.

C'mon legislature. Do something-- finish it, and put us out of our misery.
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04/23/12 15:34
Bravo Dave,

Thanks for highlighting this issue! however, it's not just the "poor people" but the taxpayer both Republican and Democrat as well.

Yes, indeed---FINISH IT!



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