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Cong. John Kline: Leadership Failure

Category: John Kline
Posted: 07/22/12 18:50

by Dave Mindeman

Congressman John Kline must think that he can just ignore controversy. I guess it is supposed to go away when he doesn't want to deal with it. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has caused a problem.

Congressman John Kline is declining to join in GOP condemnation of fellow Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann for accusing a State Department official of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. "He doesn't comment on other people's comments," said campaign spokesman Troy Young.

He doesn't comment on other people's comments? Let's rephrase that. Congressman Kline doesn't want to comment on these particular comments.

After all, he has commented on other commentary....

President Obama's remarks on National Day of Prayer:

I was surprised that President Obama announced that he was not going to participate in National Day of Prayer. I think his predecessor would have been very surprised at that so I am a little disappointed,? Kline added.

He responded to remarks by Vice President Biden?s remarks about a bill getting passed by a Thanksgiving deadline:

?We don?t know now what we are dealing with,? Kline said. ?If it?s HR3200 the way it came through committee, I don?t think it can pass,? he said, stressing if Republicans and Democrats can start with a clean slate a plan ?could move very quickly.?

He has even responded to different remarks by Michele Bachmann:

"The Republican response was Paul Ryan," Kline said. "I thought he did a fantastic job. Mrs. Bachmann, I do understand she had a response, and well probably 4 or 500 of us have responses. I'm talking to you about it right now. I went back to my office after the State of the Union and did interviews last night. Hers has gotten a lot of attention. I understand that but there was one response. That was Paul Ryan's and I thought he did just a fantastic job of laying out the situation that we're in."

Let's just be realistic. Kline is avoiding the subject. Trying to table it. Sweep it under the rug.

If anybody should be responding to Bachmann's accusations, it should be Kline. He is a chairman of a House Committee. He is a colleague of Bachmann from the same state (her district even borders his). He is a former high level ranking military officer who (who tells us repeatedly) has expertise in foreign affairs.

Kline isn't willing to assume any responsibility on the subject and that is the mark of true leadership failure.

Take a stand Kline.
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