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Romney Uses Tragedy As A Campaign Strategy

Category: GOP Presidential Candidates
Posted: 10/12/12 19:17, Edited: 10/12/12 19:21

by Dave Mindeman

Romney has been looking for openings on foreign policy for months and whenever he has even a glimpse of opportunity, he has pounced -- sometimes before thinking.

The tragic incident in Libya that cost the life of a very capable and popular ambassador, Chris Stevens, is now a political football.

And although the Obama administration made some errors in release of information, there is little evidence that there was any semblance of incompetence here.

Romney, himself, in his never ending search for campaign attacks, moved to make a statement on a situation that was still very fluid and for which he had little information and for which he did not even understand that the ambassador had been killed. If he had actually been the President and was the ultimate responsible party, we would have to hope that he would not resort to such a foolish public statement.

Testimony by state department officials state that they had requested more military protection. VP Biden stated last night that such a request had not reached the President's desk. But even if it had gotten to the desk and not acted upon (as Romney is trying to promote but which is a highly dubious assertion), there is no indication that granting that request would have prevented the situation. Remember, Tripoli is where our official embassy is located. Ben Ghazi was a consulate. While it is true that Ambassador Stevens made frequent visits to BenGhazi of his own volition, we do not know if additional personell would have been used during these Ben Ghazi trips. Ambassador Stevens was a very hands on ambassador and treated the Libyans as friends, not as people to be feared.

Romney and Ryan do not have a lot of foreign policy expertise and their ideas on the world have shown more cold war mentality than 21st century thinking.

Using these tragic incidents, that can happen at any time all around the world, as campaign fodder is an unseemly way to score political points.

If Romney/Ryan wants to challenge Obama's foreign policy strategy....go ahead. Make your arguments about what you would do and please be specific. But do not just throw darts at the news of the day and hope it sticks. The world is watching.

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10/13/12 22:24

A very good commentary ... and you are the first person that stated what I have said before -- more security personal probably would not have been able to stop the attack ... just look at the Bastion base in Afghanistan's Helmand province, destroying six US Harrier aircraft and killing four Americans ... this was a well planned attack and it is unknown if more security personnel would have been able to stop it.

I wish that Biden had said during the debate that this is a part of the Global War on Terror and that we have killed many of their soldiers but that means that we must continue to stay on guard.

One problem that I have with the Republican verbal assaults is that the may be forcing the Administration to reveal so security information that they may not want to divulge.

Regarding the VP debate, Ryan said that he would not support military involvement for humanitarian issues ... which is true since he voted against the US military being engaged in the No-Fly zone in Libya ... and that just makes his comments about Syria so confusing ... what would they do different than what the Obama Administration is doing ?


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