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Rep. Tara Mack Hopes We Forget About Her Marriage Amendment Vote

Posted: 10/13/12 12:19, Edited: 04/24/13 15:28

by Dave Mindeman

Rep. Tara Mack is the legislator that represents Apple Valley and Lakeville in the Minnesota House. She is good at regurgitating GOP talking points, but one thing that bothers me is what she doesn't say.

The November ballot has the controversial marriage amendment on it. It is divisive and controversial....but even worse, it is unnecessary.

In House committee, a 13-12 vote put this amendment on the ballot. Some Republican members voted against it. Rep. Tara Mack cast that 13th vote in favor.

Even though state law already prohibits same sex marriage, Tara Mack voted to put on the ballot a potential Constitutional provision to cement this law into our sacred state document.

There is little doubt that the future will repudiate this law. There will be a time when this law would be repealed as the next generation replaces the current one.

But Tara Mack won't let that future generation make their own decision on same-sex marriage.

She should be held accountable.

She made that crucial vote and then acts like it doesn't exist. She never talks about it.....it appears nowhere in her literature. She never discusses it.

She is hoping we won't remember.

I, and many others, will not forget.
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10/13/12 15:15
Should the people decide in regards to the rights of a minority?
10/13/12 15:07
How dare she let the people decide.

Only a single judge in Hennepin county should have a say on this issue.


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