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President Amy Klobuchar?

Category: Amy Klobuchar
Posted: 10/20/12 14:55

by Dave Mindeman

On the Almanac couch last week, the question came up, "Is "Amy Klobuchar running for President?"

I had to smile. My wife and I have been speculating about that for months. We think she is. She is positioning herself into a 2016 run for all the marbles.

Here is why I think that. Take a look at Amy's commercials. She doesn't talk about big national Democratic issues. Nope. She is talking about Amy. Her work with veterans. Her help for local GM car dealerships. Nothing wrong with the issues but still ....self-promotion.

And she is extremely careful about how she associates her "brand". Oh, sure, she does the obligatory DFL fundraisers and smiles with local candidates. But when it comes to serious local politics, she is selective and careful. I know of one campaign where she refused to help or get involved. She doesn't like to get in the middle of district contests that may get controversial.

And Amy has been lucky. She has run two Senate campaigns and has had the fortune of getting 2 of the worst candidate opponents (Kennedy and Bills) in the history of the GOP selection process. She has been able to easily amass potent fund raising warchests. Her carefully crafted moderate image has served her well....as far as popularity goes.

To be honest, if Amy Klobuchar runs for President, I doubt that I could support her. And if Hillary Clinton decides to run and Amy throws her hat into the mix anyway?....well, let's just say that it would be more than a little upsetting.

I wouldn't presume to think that Klobuchar has enough of a national profile to be a top contender....yet. But she has a 6 year Senate term to work with (4 full years without an election) and plenty of opportunities to work those "Amy Issues" as I call them. The feel good, non-controversial type things that independent voters latch onto.

As a progressive, honestly, Amy has been a disappointment. She isn't a Wellstone firebrand or an Al Franken progressive workhorse. She avoids controversy and finds middle ground language.

But she will be able to point to some impressive Senate election victories. She tends to make safe, non-controversial votes. She stays clear of local issues that can drag her moderate image down.

It all points to a long term plan....a strategy that covets the Oval Office. President Klobuchar? Hmmmmm
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01/30/14 20:36
Just another brick in the wall. Palin Lite.
11/08/12 18:06
Dave, kudos for you well written blog. I respectfully differ on your views. I think you would agree that Amy Klobbuchar is extremely likable, responsible, and hard working. If she doesn't fall into the trap of "positionally" - so much the better for her and our nation. Thank you for letting me share my views.

11/07/12 15:28
So, you?re saying Senator Klobuchar would not be a good Presidential Candidate because she reaches across the aisle to settle issues, isn?t a flaming leftist and doesn?t run an overabundance of attack ads? To translate, you don?t think Amy Klobuchar would make a good presidential candidate, because she is the presidential candidate for whom the entire country has been waiting for years?

Senator Klobuchar has an impeccable record, a great following and a number of friends in Washington. She listens closely to her constituents, and runs an informative, level-headed campaign.

Call me crazy, but as a Democrat, I believe we need someone who is middle-of-the road. Senator Klobuchar had my vote in the election yesterday, and she would have it in the primaries and presidential election in 2016.
10/22/12 22:34
President Mugwump? Commander of the fence post? But good luck honey, you won't be able to skate so easily under the national press scrutiny. She won't even make it to Vice President Mugwump.


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