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Norm Coleman Interjects Himself Into The Fray....Again

Category: Norm Coleman
Posted: 10/30/12 13:07

by Dave Mindeman

Norm Coleman cannot help himself. He has to find a way to get relevant in a campaign.

So, speaking as a Romney surrogate, he interjects...

...a top Romney surrogate (Norm) told a group of Jewish voters the landmark Supreme Court decision granting women the right to an abortion is in no danger of being overturned should Romney become president.

?President Bush was president eight years, Roe v. Wade wasn?t reversed. He had two Supreme Court picks, Roe v. Wade wasn?t reversed,? former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) told a Republican Jewish Coalition meeting in Beechwood, Ohio. ?It?s not going to be reversed.?

As usual Coleman is giving us another line of BS, but that has always been his style. He and Romney are a perfect match. They both will say whatever the audience wants to hear.

If the media is doing its job, then it should take Coleman's statement and press Romney to respond. Pin Romney down on Roe v Wade...force the issue.

Coleman is a political creature and can't help himself. I would guess that if Minnesota actually IS closer than expected, that it will be Coleman that will take the credit. It has been his American Action Network that has been running ads when the main Romney PAC's were absent.

I'm sure Coleman will parlay that into something down the road.

He never really goes away.
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10/30/12 21:49

Just curious did Coleman state that Obama has thrown Israel under the bus ... of course, that bus was full of US Taxpayer dollars ... did you know that the taxpayers are currently funding to the tune of $30 Million a joint military exercise with Israel over a three week period .... so for three weeks our military will be engaged with Israeli forces using live ammo in mock attacks ... and already Joint Chief's Chairman Dempsey has reviewed the Iron Dome project that was funded by Obama.
Yeah ... Obama is throwing Israel under the bus.

But that is the message that Josh Mendel will be telling Ohioans to get elected ... after all, since Coleman left the Senate, there are no Republican Jews.


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