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Wanna Fix House Obstruction? Elect Jim Graves

Category: Michele Bachmann
Posted: 11/05/12 12:56

by Dave Mindeman

Although it looks very unlikely that the Democrats can retake the US House of Representatives tomorrow, there is one thing that Minnesota can do to help fix the gridlock.

Elect Jim Graves.

I don't mean that Graves can fix the system, but his presence will say something loud and clear. Michele Bachmann is gone.

Bachmann has thrust herself into national politics...whether they wanted it or not. And her visibility disappearance can be the biggest asset that a Graves election can take to Congress.

It is a powerful message and coupled with Tammy Duckworth's almost sure win over Joe Walsh and the possible loss of Allen West in Florida will greatly diminish the Tea Party obstruction in Congress.

It won't fix everything, but if Obama wins, it will change the tone.

And boy, do we need that.
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11/05/12 22:48

Have you heard Mitt Romney explain that as President he will work with "Good Democrats and Good Republicans" .... by inference, there must be Bad Democrats and Bad Republicans ... but who ?

Look at the roll call votes and you will notice that Michelle Bachmann many times rejects her Party Leadership's instructions ... and who could forget her statement "We also know that Mitt Romney is the only governor in the history of the United States to put into place socialized medicine."

IMO, if you looked at the Graves policy position, then fiscal conservatives should support him ... and there is no big social concerns, so why wouldn't the Sixth District want to send a "Good Democrat" to Congress.

YES ... Ticket-splitting ... if you are gonna vote Romney, then vote Graves.


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