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GOP Wants To Blame Process, When It Really Is Just Bad Ideas

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 11/12/12 21:45

by Dave Mindeman

Minnesota GOP operative Ben Golnik says he knows what the flaw in Republican politics is...that needs to be fixed:

For Republicans, the endorsing convention is composed of about 2,000 delegates from around the state. To win endorsement, a candidate must receive 60 percent of the vote. Essentially, 1,200 delegates pick the Republican candidate for statewide office.....

This costly, time-consuming process discourages involvement from a broader group of Republicans. For families with young children, it requires money for babysitters. For small-business owners, it requires significant time away from their jobs.

With the complicated process, a well-organized minority can defeat a poorly organized majority. At the Republican caucuses in February 2012, Ron Paul received about one-quarter of the votes cast. At the Republican state convention a few months later, Paul supporters represented more than half of the delegates. Bills, a teacher and first-term state representative, was selected by the ardent Paul supporters as the U.S. Senate candidate.

OK, let's review the primary process in other states for the GOP:

In 2010 Christine O'Donnell took the primary over Mike Castle in Delaware. Sharron Angle won a primary in Nevada over Sue Lowdon in Nevada. In 2012, Richard (Rape is God's Will) Mourdock primaried the venerable Dick Lugar and won. Todd (Legitimate Rape) Akin bested Sarah Steelman in a primary. And a primary pushed Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin into a hard enough right turn to lose in the general election.

Golnik assumes that changing Minnesota to a more open primary state is some kind of solution. Wrong again.

The GOP problem is that they gave the Tea Party free reign. The GOP problem is bad candidates. The GOP problem is bad message. The GOP problem is bad policy.

Primaries or endorsement....blame what you want. The process isn't the problem -- you guys just didn't listen to the voters.
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11/13/12 19:28
Dave, you speak against the GOP as if the Dems are a paragon of virtue in their conventions. Really?

It?s not just the GOP that holds screwed up conventions. This link is from the Democratic convention where we see a clearly over-reaching elite over-ride the majority that wants to keep ?God? and ?Jerusalem? out of their party platform. Apparently, they are opposed to any association with either term. By all means Dave, explain to me how that convention antic was helpful in guiding the delegates.


Listen for yourself. Do you hear a 2/3 majority? Three times the delegates were asked to re-cast their voice vote. Each time the ?NO? voices grew louder. Chairman rules ?yes.? Pure hubris! The elite want God in the platform--damn the will of the mere pleebs occupying the seats.

We have no ?republic,? we have an oligarchy of elite. Even more tragic? The nation is now being led by a party that, to its core, believes ?In God we no longer trust.? Apparently, ?In Obama we trust? is a more popular view.

I watched quite a bit of the MN democratic convention this year (on-line). I noted how we now have a Governor that didn't even pay you lip service to show up as a candidate to be Vet by your own beloved party. Yet you embrace him because as long as he takes his meds, and keeps the "D" tattooed to his butt well in view, you're OK with that?

Where are the statemen? They don't exist!
11/13/12 19:04

Would somebody please explain to me who the hell these "Tea party" people are? There is no tea party. It doesn't exist. What does exist are hundreds of millions of people that are completely pissed at a system that has completely failed to lead our country through the 21st century.

I did not vote for Obama or Romney. I vowed to the GOP money grubbers that called me every day on the phone that after the treatment they gave to solid Americans, like myself, who pay more than their "fair share" of taxes, I will never-never-never-never-never ever give one red or blue cent to that party. Never!

The GOP/DFL option is not an option at all. Where is the anti-war party? Where is the anti-corporate welfare party? Where is the party that goes to the mat to fight for liberties that make the government stay the hell out of my life? Where is the party that wants to restore state's rights? Where is the party that wants to stop the "enabling" that has become the money trough for the masses? Where is the party that intends to reform our government so that it is not held hostage every 4 years by the Billionaire bankers and rock stars that seem to dominate the national agenda with personal agenda?

I support ideas. My money goes to candidates that promise to work for reforms. They don't get another red cent until they do it.

Because I embrace many of the ideals Ron Paul advocates, I become a Paulite? So it's OK to piss on my and my family? The Dems blindly embrace all Dems, no matter how communistic their ideology, just because they have a "D" tatooed to their butts. The GOP embrace every "R" tattooed butt warming a seat--no matter how Bourgeois or NAZI-like their rhetoric might be. These people--none of them--are allowed to actually do what they believe needs to be done to save this republic from the iceberg in its path.

There is a new middle that has formed. The campus rallies were like rock concerts. And the media intentionally ignored them. Fox news did everything in their power to stifle any discussion. Ever hear a Gary Johnson speech? Of course not. Because at least 75% of it made pretty good sense to the working stiffs getting crapped on by our own government. The new middle is nowhere near the area between the Red and Blue seats. Not even close!

It has become a big giveaway to Billionaires and Bozos. New stadiums for people that don't even live here? Really? Bailouts for bankers in foreign lands? Really? Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that Government occupies the segment of our economy that used to be reserved for the mob--unions, gambling, gaming, entertainment, booze. More Bread and Circus strategy to garner a bigger share of the vote.

They need to stop being worried about disenfranchised voters with picture IDs and start looking at how they treat the general public. It's pathetic.

11/13/12 11:58
"The GOP problem is that they gave the Tea Party free reign."

Not quite! Firstly, the "Tea Party" if it still exists is not the same as the Ron Paul Liberty movement. It is well known that the Tea Party supports warmongering, an authoritarian theological agendas and expansion of the State. It's long been taken over by GOP operatives.
Secondly, the MNGOP did not give the Ron Paul supporters free reign. They played by the Party rules and processes. Indeed, there were many in the MNGOP and the RNC that did everything they could to marginalize the Ron Paul supporters by changing rules, overt violence, sabotage, and overtly withholding campaign funds for Liberty candidates they did not approve of,

"The GOP problem is bad candidates."
Depends. There are good candidates and bad candidates in either party.
Beauty is the eye of the beholder.

"The GOP problem is bad message."
Agreed! Endorsing Romney, warmongering, pushing the authoritarian marriage amendment agenda, and subsidizing the new stadium at taxpayer expense is certainly not a rational message for fiscal austerity.

"The GOP problem is bad policy."
Not quite. The problem is that it has no consistent policy. It preaches one thing and hypocritically practices another.

Given the aforementioned the fact is that the thousands of Ron Paul supporters across the state did not vote for Romney, did not vote at all, or voted for Obama. That's also true across the nation as well. In MN Few actually voted for the marriage amendment and few voted for the Voter Id question. With voter Id, it was to avoid further government intrusion into individual privacy. With the marriage amendment with the belief it's none of the State's business when it comes to personal relations.

It's most interesting that most of the MSM and the blogs both left and right fail to mention this fact. Perhaps they're hoping the liberty movement will fade away when in fact it's growing not only in the State but nationally as well. Liberty is good policy, authoritarianism and tyranny by both the mob and the elites is not.



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