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Vikings Stadium: Dealing With The Devil

Category: Vikings Stadium
Posted: 11/13/12 19:09

by Dave Mindeman

Zygi Wilf seems to hold us in contempt.

He gets the state and city to fork over nearly half of the costs for "his" stadium" and now he wants the fans to help pay his portion......

The (Dayton) letter comes less than a week after the team sent out an e-mail survey to season ticket holders to gauge their willingness to pay thousands of dollars more for personal seat licenses or "stadium builder's licenses" to secure the best seats. The fee, most likely a one-time payment if imposed, would be on top of the annual cost of season tickets.

Now the Dayton letter referred to here is a kind of "complaint" letter sent by the Governor objecting to this little scheme....

Gov. Mark Dayton wrote a stern letter Tuesday to the owners of the Minnesota Vikings threatening to undo the stadium deal if they pass on the cost of building the $975 million project to the fans.

Zygi's play here is just pure unadulterated greed.

The stadium itself increases the value of "his" franchise by millions. And yet, Joe Six Pack seems to be unwelcome to attend. One of the numbers floated around for this "seat license' is $10,000. And all that does is give you the right to pay for a season ticket. Guess those average fans are going to have to cut down on face paint.

The arrogance of this astounds even me.

The legislature put everything on hold while this stadium deal was cut....and Governor Dayton invested a lot of political capital to keep the Vikings here. And despite all that, Zygi Wilf thinks he can put the screws to all of us again.

It's dealing with the devil.
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11/13/12 19:36
You blame Zygi? You should correctly blame the baffoons that voted to make this nonsense happen. And the Governor that failed to veto it.

Our half is to be paid by the electronic gaming that recently churned its first $1M. Really? You know what our cut of that is? Almost nothing! Most goes to the vendors and the players. The stadium gets almost nothing.

And who backstops that horrible deal? You do! More corporate welfare sucking up all the oxygen in the room. Yet you do nothing to chastise Marcus Daytonicus because he has a "D" tattooed to his butt!

Your arrogance astounds me.



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