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C'mon Congress -Just Fix It

Category: Economy
Posted: 11/30/12 18:28

by Dave Mindeman

Too much dysfunction.

This fiscal cliff is such a tortuous faux problem. Raise the rates on top earners to pre-Bush levels and raise the Medicare age to 67. Add a sprinkling of spending cuts and miscellaneous talking points and we can move on. Done. Problem solved.

And then there is Susan Rice. If Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte want to add a furthur means of gridlock, then that is their perogative, but Rice is not an elected official. She would be a spokesperson for the President. She is not allowed to put her own prejudices into her job - the President speaks and she is the echo. If you want to block her nomination, then please have a better reason than regurgitating talking points on TV.

Then there is this more serious level of dysfunction. Did you know that we have 82 Federal judge vacancies? All of them on hold by GOP Senators. How much is that costing us in backlog and inefficiency in the judiciary? This foolishness is done because they can. No reasons need to be given....no explanations offered.

And we could talk about the filibuster rule. The Senate wheels are simply spinning. Change it. I don't care if it is a big, little, small change..whatever....do something. Make a Senator work for a filibuster. Make it meaningful. Not just a legislative piece of quicksand.

We are all getting tired of the drama with no point. Fix it...fix all of it and get back to governing.


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