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Kline: He Is Accurate. It Is Unclear.

Category: Guns
Posted: 12/28/12 16:53, Edited: 12/28/12 17:07

by Dave Mindeman

MPR has this Poligraph segment which supposedly checks out the validity of politician's statements. Let's take a look at something they check out about Congressman Kline....

Second Congressional District Rep. John Kline is among those that are skeptical a new (assault weapons) ban would work. He told MPR News that it's not clear the first ban was all that effective.

"It's not clear -- you'd have to go back and do an in-depth analysis -- that that resulted in a safer America," he said.

And the Verdict?

Kline is correct that the data are mixed.


Kline is correct? That the data is unclear? That there is no way to be sure?

Of course he's correct. He didn't say anything.

Any person off the street can take virtually any statement and say the data is unclear and be considered to correct.

Geez, Poligraph. At least look for a defined position. Of course, if that be the case, Poligraph would probably never check on Kline at all.

He has no defined positions.

Will somebody ask him about the farm bill? Please?
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12/28/12 22:22
You seem upset by the fact that MPR didn't use this issue to create a false sense of political party politics.

Geez Dave, does everything come down to Blue party good, Red party baaaaddd!

The farm bill should die on the floor. Good riddance! Ever wonder why we are subsidizing milk to the tune of $4/gallon? Why? Why are we diverting perfectly good Corn into the production of milk? It's a food. One of a thousand items that CAN be included in a varied healthy diet. What possible good comes from the mal-investment in unproductive resources?

Kill the bill.


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