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Same Sex Marriage Supported In Places Most Relevant Right Now

Category: Gay Rights
Posted: 03/06/13 14:19, Edited: 03/06/13 14:22

by Dave Mindeman

The Minnesota Poll puts out a banner headline in the Strib....

Minnesota Poll: A majority doesn?t want gay marriage

As the debate begins on the DOMA repeal in the legislature, I am sure this poll will be referred to often by the bill's opponents. It is a troubling number, but I would encourage you to look at the analysis of the MN Poll by Tony Petrangelo as he digs deeper on the way the questions are worded. He makes valid points.

But let's take this a step furthur.

We have 9 states that have legalized same-sex marriage.

Let's skip Washington and Maryland for now because they had an overwhelming result at the polls last November and have not had enough experience with the law to make any judgments. But the other 7 have had a same sex marriage law in effect for awhile...

Massachusetts in 5/2004. Connecticut in 10/2008. Iowa in 4/2009 (by court order). Vermont in 4/2009. Maine in 5/2009. (Although this went back and forth). New Hampshire in 6/2009. New York in 7/11.

Maybe the more relevant polling data is how people in these states feel about same-sex marriage where it is already legal.

The data?

In Massachusetts, a Public Policy Poll in June of 2012 stated:

Pro Legality: 62%

In Connecticut, a poll in August of 2012:

Pro Legality...55%

In Iowa, an October 2012 poll:

Pro Legality: 49%

In Vermont, a poll from July 2011:

Pro Legality: 58%

In Maine, a January, 2013 Poll:

Pro Legality: 53%

In New Hampshire, a May, 2012 poll:

Pro Legality: 57%

In New York, shortly after passage in August of 2011:

55% fully supported the law
63% against overturning the law

These are the states that have seen same-sex marriage in its full legal form and the strength of support seems to only grow. Frankly, if you look under the surface, I doubt anyone noticed a change in the day to day life of the average citizen in these states.

Legalizing same-sex marriage fixes something for a particular group of citizens. It doesn't change anything for anyone else.

That is the bottom line.
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