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North Dakota Abortion Laws - A World Of Only Absolutes

Category: Roe v Wade
Posted: 03/22/13 19:39, Edited: 03/22/13 19:40

by Dave Mindeman

North Dakota is going where even Mississippi could not go. The ND legislature is going to try and outlaw abortion altogether and put "personhood" on the ballot next year.

Now, aside from the fact that this is clearly unconsitutional. (Funny how reproductive Constitutional rights can be challenged, but 2nd Amendment rights can never be questioned). There are a number of moral and legal implications here.

1. Rape.
(Rep. Margaret) Sitte said she doesn?t think women should abort pregnancies resulting from rape. ?Rape is a horrible crime. It is absolutely devastating,? Sitte said. ?But do we believe in capital punishment for those children??

Does the woman forced to bear the child of a rapist now have the obligation to grant him visitation rights? To keep him in the "family" loop? To force her child to have a relationship with a felon....a marginal parent? Is a rape pregnancy a "blessing" from God as some Republicans have articulated? What kind of life are you sentencing this mother to? And how can she have a relationship with someone else? Why is the woman raped forced to bear the consequences and responsibilities of a crime where she is clearly the victim?

2. In Vitro Fertilization.
One of the key players in the anti-abortion campaign, state Sen. Margaret Sitte, a Republican from Bismarck, said she was ?floored? by the assertions about limitations on in vitro fertilization. She said the proposals allow exceptions for the ?screening, collecting, preparing, transferring, or cryopreserving a human being created through in vitro fertilization for the purpose of being transferred to a human uterus.?

Exceptions for screening, collecting, preparing, transferring, or cryopreserving. Notice there is no exception for destruction of the embryos. A practice that does occur in the process because to make it work, there needs to be mutliple fertilizations. This law will produce a new "protected" class. An unlimited number of "persons" that cannot think, cannot feel, and cannot express an opinion. Alive? Forever? How does religion determine their soul's destination? Are we not playing God in the whole process?

Fertilization specialist concerns were voiced here....

Dr. Steffen Christensen, who founded an in vitro fertilization clinic in Fargo 19 years ago, said he can?t put himself or his workers at risk of legal action. ?The concern is that this is criminal negligence if anything should happen to an embryo,? he said.

When it comes to morality, we like things to be absolute. No exceptions. No complications. We look at our black and white Bible and contend that gray areas don't exist.

Do we really think we can know the mind of God? Do we?

For now we see through a glass darkly....

Until we know the "face to face" way of things, I think we should be treading more carefully.
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