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Can We Admit That GOP Guvs Are Health Care Glitches Also?

Category: Health Care
Posted: 12/03/13 23:48, Edited: 12/04/13 10:56

by Dave Mindeman

As the health care website starts to improve in performance and the public gets down to the business of choosing insurance, the question becomes what will occupy the time of the GOP.

The US House has already cut their actual work days for 2014 to 113. Since they get paid $174,000 per year - that works out to a nice and tidy $1,540 per day of "work". Thanks for your service!

An improved website is not going to stop the GOP critiques...after all, they have no agenda and seem to be devoid of ideas.

They like to point out how much of a problem this is for the American people. Even if the American people want health care (which the GOP will not admit), the ACA is not insuring enough people to help.

So what could Republicans do to help?

Actually, there is something that would greatly help the uninsured....and for the GOP it is quite simple - they just have to say YES.

I'm talking about the expanded Medicaid aspect of the new law. A situation that the Supreme Court ruled must be "optional".

Still the money is appropriated. The expanded criteria are in place. Every state has a number of uninsured individuals that would be covered - some for the first time ever. And it won't cost the state a dime.

All that is required is for the Governor of the State to say, "YES, we will accept the money and insure these people."

But, crazy as it sounds, a number of Republican governors have just said NO. They would rather force their own citizens to keep paying the escalating health and human service budgets than take any "free" money.

Wyoming is the latest to reject this remedy. And, of course, the Wyoming governor - the Republican Wyoming governor - blamed you know what....

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead (R) said Friday he doesn't want his state to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid coverage, due to problems with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act so far.

Hmmmm....the money is for his state's Medicaid budget. It doesn't have to involve the website. But no thanks - we don't want to get any health care for our uninsured poor. Nope. Don't want it. It's Obamacare's fault.

It is even stranger in Mississippi. They had a working exchange site. It was running - people had signed up, but the Mississippi governor shut it down, saying the state did not have the "authority"..... the letter sent to HHS Secretary Sebelius:

I understand that the Mississippi Insurance Department ("MID" ) recently forwarded you the Mississippi Attorney General's opinion that MID has the necessary authority under Mississippi law to establish and operate a "State-based Exchange" pursuant to the so-called Affordable Care Act ("'ACA" ). In Mississippi, an attorney general's opinion "is merely persuasive authority......After reviewing the Attorney General's conclusions on this issue, my own opinion and my attorneys' opinion that MID lacks the necessary statutory and constitutional authority to establish and operate an exchange remain unchanged...... In this regard, HHS should take into account that any further action by MID toward the establishment or operation of an exchange may ultimately be deemed null and void as a matter of state law.

Attorney General ruled it to be OK - Governor disagreed. Mississippi continues to have its poor uninsured.

So the GOP complains about the ineptitude of Obamacare.....the best hope of the uninsured. And then to add insult to injury, the GOP makes sure that the poor stay uninsured as well.

How far up the stupid meter do we have to go?
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