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Re: Kline - Tiny Spark? No, Check That - It's A Fire!

Category: John Kline
Posted: 12/11/13 16:11

by Dave Mindeman

I missed something in the David Gerson for Congress (challenging John Kline) announcement -- buried at the bottom of the article.

And this tidbit just dropped Kline's chances of getting the 2nd District endorsement to 50-50.

His (Gerson's) campaign chairwoman is Marianne Stebbins, a longtime GOP activist closely associated with former Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, a tea party favorite.

Stebbins is the Ron Paul miracle worker for Minnesota. She is probably the single most effective organizer in the Minnesota Republican Party - and she will make John Kline's 2nd District endorsement a nightmare.

Kline has generally taken his 2nd District GOP support for granted. He talks a lot about his conservative credentials (and Tea Party sympathies), but his actions have been as a Boehner loyalist.

Grumblings about Kline have always been the back room kind without much of an overt revolt. But Stebbins might just change that. If she feels strongly enough about Kline being "disloyal" to the liberty cause that she has agreed to run a challenger's campaign, well, Mr. Kline - you have a problem.

Stebbins brings with her, not only a talented organizing ability, but the statewide Paulite network of fundraising and activism.

It is no accident that Gerson wants to put pressure on Kline to abide by the endorsement. Gerson knows that with Stebbins, he can win that endorsement and force Kline to either bow out or be pushed into a nasty primary battle.

This changes things.

It is no longer a "tiny" spark of a threat - it has the makings of a wildfire.
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12/13/13 11:21
With Stebbins managing the campaign, it makes perfect sense for Gerson to abide by the endorsement. Stebbins is a master at caucus strategy. She will use the ties of delegates to governor candidates as a driver for Gerson. The Paulite connections are strongest in endorsement battles and Kline has never had to actually "work the room" to woo delegates. I think this will be interesting.
12/12/13 07:11

Educate me on the big picture ... when April 5th rolls around and the 2nd District has their endorsing convention, will they also be voting on MN-Governor, US-Senate candidates as well as state House candidates ?
Will the assembled be more interested in the candidates for MN-Gov race and will that drive who is there ? What are the coattails for Gerson ... in other words, are there enough of those delegates who would be willing to reject Kline ?

The strategy is interesting. Last time, Gerson did not abide by the endorsement process and ran in the primary ... and the primary was a non-event as the endorsed candidates were not really challenged creating the normally low turnout. This time, the primary could be contested, yet Gerson wants Kline to abide by the endorsement process.

Last question, is Marianne Stebbins the one to watch or Mike Osskopp ? How Osskopp goes could create a wildfire.


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