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MN GOP Attack Fliers Need Proofreaders

Category: GOP 2014
Posted: 03/25/14 23:51, Edited: 03/26/14 18:41

by Dave Mindeman

Is the MN GOP really willing to just say anything? Are facts and context really that irrelevant?

The latest e-mail/flier to come from the head office really needed a little proofreading. The point they want to make seems to be that they believe businesses are leaving Minnesota because of the bad business climate.

The flier they sent out talks to a business owner who was featured in Connect Business Magazine. It quotes Tom Rosen who is lamenting that his Fairmont based business (which is #184 on the Forbes top 500 private corporations) is having difficulty with Minnesota's business climate and he claims that his friends are leaving.

I assume this is meant to show how DFL controlled policies are detrimental to business.

Except when you check the link and look at the details you find this....

The article referenced is from 2009 - 5 years ago. And Tom Rosen is the husband of Senator Julie Rosen. And his business is still here.

In addition, Rosen is quoted...

Rosen said, "(Wisconsin has) become pro-business and is willing to work with you. These states around Minnesota are becoming more aggressive. They realize companies can move."

And we know how that Wisconsin thing is working out as well.

Really, MN GOP? Really?

Note: Although Tom Rosen was Julie Rosen's husband at the time of the article, they have since divorced.

Note #2: Lesson learned: Never use the word proofread in a blog post - you then make yourself vulnerable to every spelling error or grammatical oops or sentence ambiguity of every kind. I stand properly chastised! The point about the GOP attack still holds.
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04/26/14 09:35
This argument is becoming harder and harder to make.

"Minnesota is adding jobs at a steady pace and now has added 33,000 more jobs than its previous all-time employment peak that occurred right before the recession," said DEED Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben.

Look at some of these numbers ... from out-state Minnesota where when you lose a job there is not another company coming in (like if Rosen left Fairmont) ...
Northfield's dropped to 5.2 percent from 5.6 percent in February.
Rice County's unemployment rate decreased to 5.9 percent in March after sitting at 6.1 percent in February
Owatonna's unemployment rate once again dipped below 5 percent, falling to 4.8 percent in March after two straight months above 5 percent.
Mower County continued to have one of the lowest rates in the area at 4.7 percent, marking a full year that the Mower County has been below 5 percent.
Dodge County's rate dropped to 6.1 percent after sitting at 6.4 percent for January and February.

The DFL should be able to show that they have managed the last two years extremely well ... but if you are thinking of a new career, John Kline has invited a number of For-Profit Educational Companies to participate in his May 12th "Career and Jobs Fair".
04/05/14 11:42
Still do not know the Fairmont jobs picture (Martin County) but consider some data for other communities :
Let's exclude the large communities like Rochester and Mankato, Owatonna's unemployment rate fell to 5 percent after being at 5.2 percent in January. Steele County followed Owatonna's trend, dropping to an unemployment rate of 5 percent, a .1 percent decrease from January.
Austin's unemployment rate also dipped slightly, going to 4.9 percent in February after hitting 5 percent for the first time in several months in January.
The city of Waseca dropped to 6.5 percent after being at 6.9 percent in January.
In Rice County, the jobless rate dropped to 6.1 percent in February after being at 6.2 percent in January.
Freeborn County's unemployment rate dropped to 5.7 percent after being at 6 percent in January. Mower County's jobless rate held steady at 4.8 percent, the county's 11th straight month below 5 percent.
Nicollet County held steady at 4.2 percent, marking the 13th consecutive month the jobless rate has stayed below 5 percent.

If someone is making the argument that the job creators are fleeing Minnesota, let's see some data.

Yesterday, the national unemployment rate came out ... it showed the steady trend continuing.

Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) commented at the Joint Economic Committee meeting that things are moving in the right direction, yet people do not seem to have the confidence in the economy that they should ... maybe if the House wasn't peddling "doom and gloom" over the Affordable Care Act, people would feel better.

03/28/14 12:21
I guess we really got to know "who" those friends are ... Rosen does have operations in Green Bay, so did he move business there ?

The real problem may be lack of skilled workers for the jobs available ... its been a few years since I drove down to Fairmont, but the there is not a lot of industry there ... wind energy was creating jobs but with the House Republicans not wanting to renew the tax credit, jobs are being lost. Ethanol is another big industry, but they are have had problems.
Instead the jobs are in Mankato ... The number of local jobs rose 2.4 percent percent in February compared to a year earlier as Mankato area employers added 1285 jobs.
WHY is Mankato growing ? Doesn't that counter the MN-GOP claim ?

I wonder if Tom Rosen had a chance to review this press release ... remember he and Stan Hubbard were going to take a more active role.
03/27/14 13:39
It's not surprising that the MN GOP would use an old piece of information, outdated and factually deficient.

They haven't had a new idea of any value or validity in years. Their entire political ideology and policies center around recirculating the same old bunk. This is just a more blatant example -- but good catch! It's always fun to see these ooopsies on their part - it hammers home how failed a message they are peddling.


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