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Mike McFadden Is NOT Good For Minnesota

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 09/29/14 19:14

by Dave Mindeman

Mike McFadden has been trying to raise his profile ahead of his debates with Al Franken. And judging by what he is putting out there, Mike McFadden is either the most naive politician Minnesota has ever had or simply unable to understand the facts.

His OP-ED, which I caught in the Duluth paper is concerning in regards to his ability to represent us in the US Senate. It is statements like these that cause that concern....

No one party is to blame for what's happening in Washington. Republicans and Democrats seem to view politics as the art of the pure when it should be seen as the art of the possible. Minnesotans deserve more; they deserve a problem-solver with practical, real-world experience who will shake up Washington and get this country back onto the path of growth and prosperity.

McFadden is a Republican and as a Republican, how can he look us in the eye and say that the GOP has not epitomized his statement..."seem to view politics as the art of the pure when it should be seen as the art of the possible."

The GOP Senators have shunned the "possible" on every occasion and defined the "art of the pure" as the art of the filibuster. Yes, Minnesotans do deserve more, but sending one more Republican to Washington to continue this policy of obstruction is not even close to an answer.

What makes anyone think that a rich, naive Republican Senator can go to Washington and problem solve in an atmosphere that only obstructs. No progress is wanted - no solutions are sought.

But McFadden thinks he is optimistic....

I am ready to head to Washington, roll up my sleeves, and work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, who will help change the direction this country is headed by working to address what I like to call the "three E's" of energy, education and effective government.

Again, a naive view that is dangerous. You can't possible deal with E for Energy without adding the more important E for the Environment. Those two have to work in tandem or a temporary fix in supply will collapse in yet another round of environmental disaster. McFadden would do well to look at China in this regard. While he is accessing their cheap steel, maybe he should look at the people walking around in smog with filter masks over their mouths. China uses short cuts. They bypass regulation. But look at the result.

And as for education....despite repeated calls from Obama for changes in No Child Left Behind, Republicans, led by John Kline, block it at every turn. Special Ed is still waiting for promised fulfillment on funding increases that were promised years ago. And the GOP talks about the achievement gap only in terms of how many teachers they can blame. And McFadden adds his voice to the complainers who offer no fixes.

And when it comes to "effective government", McFadden's answer is to get rid of regulatory agencies which will lead to the same kind of oversight nightmare that brought us the bank meltdown of 2008....or the acid rain of the 60's and 70's....or the ozone layer depletion that we have finally come back to fix by restricting fluorocarbons.

And you can add McFadden's ideas on healthcare to that list. He wants to get rid of Obamacare and keep the popular aspects of it -- without any of the cost management needed to cover them. What business model could work with that?

Mike McFadden thinks he has "new" ideas. The truth is, McFadden is just a revamped version of Norm Coleman without the Kazeminy suits.
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