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Scott Walker And Another Unforced Error

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 08/18/15 16:07

by Dave Mindeman

Scott Walker is proving to be a pretty lightweight Presidential candidate. In Wisconsin, legislating the way he wants is a little easier because he has majorities in both the Wisconsin House and Senate.

And even with that kind of majority dominance, he still makes dumb mistakes, like offering a budget that cuts education by $250 million while at the same time offering a $250 million state gift to his friends that own the Milwaukee Bucks basketball franchise.

But at the Iowa fair, he offered up another unforced error. Trying to keep up with the Trump information highway, Walker was asked about birthright citizenship. Knowing that Trump is getting his usual attention on this issue, he tried to piggyback on the answer that Trump gave ....

After a reporter asked if birthright citizenship should be ended, Walker said: "I think that's something we should -- yeah, absolutely, going forward."

Alright, so he mimicked Trump. But he made the mistake of following up:

But -- in a sign of how quickly Trump has changed the terms of this race -- Walker had difficulty clearly articulating where exactly he stands on the issue, wanting to steal some of Trump's momentum but not quite sure to what extent. He went on to say that if the United States enforces the laws it already has, that alone might take care of the problem.

If the problem is supposed to be "birthright citizenship", then enforcing the laws already on the books would only mean that birthright citizenship would be guaranteed.

A baby born in the United States is granted automatic citizenship by the 14th amendment to the Constitution. The only way that right can be taken away is to amend the Constitution. It is not about enforcing existing laws, it is about changing the Constitution.

Walker obviously has not given this matter a lot of thought in the past and is also obviously caught off guard by Trump rhetoric.

If Walker was truly presidential material, he would take the lead on this issue and call out Trump for such a ridiculous notion.

Walker can't do that because he is not a leader - he's a grandstander and a lemming.
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08/19/15 10:33
Walker sealed his fate when he chose to pose with the local chapter of "political losers anonymous", Kurt (I won't support it but I hope it passes) Zellers and Marty (my delegates can go home) Seifert. Walker appears to have aligned himself with 'tin ear' politicians who have a long history of "losing" because of their political miscalculations.

The public is fed up with our public affairs being run by "Political Scientists," who are more interested in scoring political points than they are about actually running the place. You see the strength of this concept on the GOP side and the reason why Clinton remains exceptionally weak outside the DEM base.

08/19/15 08:27
Isn't if funny that Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, has avoided questions even though he obtained his citizenship "by birth" instead of "at birth".

Congress ... err, actually Republicans in Congress (27 in the House and one in the Senate) have authored legislation "Birthright Citizenship Act of 2015" to address this "problem".

Was this really an "unforced" error by Walker ... or just an expression of his real beliefs ?

Or, a clever way to remind voters that Marco Rubio ( whose parents were permanent residents of the U.S. when he was born) and Bobby Jindal ( whose parents weren't U.S. citizens or permanent residents when he was born) as well as Cruz are certainly unworthy of being the nominee ?

08/18/15 21:32
Walker has betrayed the Wisconsin middle class time and time again. You can't suggest to support the middle class while doing everything possible to destroy unions. He has betrayed the public trust spending public dollars to benefit his cronies. John Menard contributes $1.5 million to his campaign and in return Walker arranges $1.8 million in tax credit for him. John Hammes, part of the Bucks' ownership group, has direct ties to his campaign for President and he gets the $250 million arena. Today he appeared in a small manufacturing plant and seemed welcomed...where is the outrage? He is without principle and ethic.


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