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MN Legislature: I Guess We Are Going With "Nothing Is Needed"

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 05/05/16 00:44

by Dave Mindeman

They don't HAVE to do anything.

As we wind down the 2016 session, the House Republicans are stalling. They say we need a transportation bill - but they have nothing proposed that is realistic. They say they want to give tax relief - which means putting the budget back at risk, and still no defined proposal. They say that when those priorities are finished, then and only then will they consider a bonding bill - and even that will be no more than $600 million.

None of that HAS to be done. The budget was set last year. Nothing needs to be added.

And yet, outside the St. Paul bubble, people are looking for something to get done. The Chamber of Commerce is anxiously awaiting some transportation action....including transit. Rural Minnesota wants broadband help, as well as water projects and transportation. Southwest Light rail needs a state portion funded right now or we lose any chance at Federal help, as well as throwing the money already spent down the well.

Yeah, the House Republicans can play that end game they like to play so well. They can do nothing and wait for Bakk and company to come crawling to their position.

But nobody has to do anything.

And it will be the fault of the intransigent House Republicans. The obstruction Republicans. The Trump Republicans. The "no broadband" Republicans. The "no transportation" Republicans.

If that is what they want to go into the fall elections with....

so be it.
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05/05/16 11:38
Keep an eye on the Center of the American Experiment. They've ties to ALEC, ties to promoting single minded mnGop obstruction, ties to undermining the Met Council, ties to Strib Opinions that foment the discord we deal with every day! They're also tied to Chambers, in that their influencing Chambers O C. I see bias in Chambers O C showing support for passing Transportation funding; beyond business constituency. Their bias to push MnDfl into downward compromise!


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