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Goodbye 2016

Category: 2016
Posted: 01/01/17 01:25

by Dave Mindeman

So long 2016. Can't say I am sorry to see you go. You took a lot of the best of us with you...and left us with a truck load of uncertainty.

I won't be celebrating the new year. Just can't do it. It doesn't feel like we are taking any kind of step forward...more like several steps backward.

Goodbye to you 2016. You allowed us a glimpse of history in the making and then yanked the rug out from under us.

The political victors are happy. They will be celebrating the unexpected turn of events in this remarkable year. But 2017 may not be so kind to them either. The old adage is, be careful what you wish for. For 2017, that stands as being oh so true.

Adios 2016. We will try to carry on. You seemed to be intent on erasing a lot of our memories. You took so many of the iconic people that we treasured from bygone days...and then added a few of the younger generation as well. It was a cruel thing to do, especially when so many things were in turmoil. Were you trying to tell us something. Do we need to reassess who we are?

We will remember you 2016. We will remember the barriers you broke... some good, some bad. We will remember how you shook our democracy and left our future in the shaky hands of an unknowable force. We will remember those we have lost and how irreplaceable they seem.

We will remember you 2016 and then we will move on. Where we are going is now in the hands of the 2017 and beyond. We will adjust. It will not be as easy as in the past, but we have done it before. Because we understand who we are at our core.

We may run into obstacles that seem insurmountable, but that just makes us all the more determined.

2016...you will not defeat us. We may be knocked down, but we will get back up. And we will persevere until we can make 2017 and the years that follow a time that will show our resilience and our true character.

Goodbye 2016. Can't say it was good to know you.
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01/03/17 01:31
2016 will not serve as Obama's legacy year.

This latest bone headed stunt with the 35 operatives is profoundly laughable. Hello people...the election is over. Sending home the culprits does exactly what? What a joke. They we're done with their mission. They hacked the GOP and found nothing of Interest. They wanted pay for click dollars and GOP provided no fodder. The dfl provided much in the way of corrupt correspondence, which played well in the pay per view social media. The dfl was the only party stupid enough to conspire against itself. And they got busted when exposed. Simple as that...

No evidence that they did anything beyond click for dollars. No evidence that anybody on putin's payroll did it. Former payroll, for their own self-interest? Why yes!


The CIA, Lindsey graham, and John McCain are village idiots. Their only interest is to discredit their party's leader.

The so-called evidence Cia promotes is based 100% on technology developed by russia. Once developed, methods and code can be used by ANY former operative with the knowledge. No link to putin unless there is a link. These appear to be self interested dealers in news using the pay per view bill board businesses like Zuckerberg (The idiot).



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