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Golden Rule

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/13/17 13:48

by Alan Anderson

The Golden RuleDonald Trump believes in the Golden Rule. He believes that gold and wealth are the ultimate form of success. He also believes that wealthy people are the smartest and should Rule society. His choices thus far indicate this is who he is and how he thinks.

It is time to acknowledge the Trump presidency as a reality. Everyone must figure out how to respond and their reason for response. I believe we should respond with honesty and integrity. Based on foundations of faith and human dignity, I believe we should choose to respond by using the principles of the Golden Rule, an almost universal belief in standards of human interaction.

The Golden Rule or law of reciprocity is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated oneself. It is a maxim of altruism seen in many human religions and human cultures.

- One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

- One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.

- What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself

My response to Mr. Trump is based on these principles and are outlined below. This response is based on exactly what Mr. Trump did or would have done according to his own words and actions.

First, we cannot accept the Trump presidency. Mr. Trump alleged that the election was rigged and he would not accept the outcome unless he won. If the election were close, he would contestit and claim it was corrupt. Therefore, Mrs. Clinton and her supporters cannot accept the outcome of the election. That is what Mr. Trump would have done. We must also do so.

Using the Golden Rule principle, I will act as Mr. Trump would have acted, and that is to declare the election corrupt and rigged and not accept the outcome. In fact, Mrs. Clinton won the popularvote by almost 3 million votes, making Mr. Trump the biggest loser in a presidential election in history. The fact that he won the electoral college is also something that should be rejected since Mr. Trump claimed the electoral college was "a disaster for democracy." If he believed this, he should have rejected the electoral college outcome. Since he would not accept the election outcome, I will act as he would act and not do so, either.

It should be noted that Mr. Trump's loss in the popular vote was massive. Not only did he lose bya huge margin, he actually failed to win a majority of votes in most states. For example, in Wisconsin, where he "won" the state electors, he in fact, did not receive a majority of votes cast. More people voted for other candidates, Mrs. Clinton and the third party candidates, than for Mr. Trump. The totals in Wisconsin were: Donald Trump 1,409,467, Hillary Clinton 1,382,210, Or a difference of 27,257. The third party candidates received approximately 155,000 votes. So, approximately 128,000 more voters did not vote for Mr. Trump....and swayed the election away from Mrs. Clinton.

It should also be noted that Wisconsin instituted its first voter ID laws, which kept many traditionally Democratic voters either away from the polls or made it more difficult for them to vote. Certainly the voter ID laws could have explained the lower Democratic turnout in Wisconsin and cost Mrs. Clinton the state.

This situation occurred in most other closely contested states, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania. So, it can categorically be stated that Mr. Trump failed to win a majority of votersin the national election, and in most state elections. His win in the electoral college was a fluke.

Second, we should work to show the election was not legitimate. Mr. Trump worked for years toinvalidate the election of Barack Obama by falsely claiming he was not born in the US. Despite birth certificates and evidence of Obama's birth, Trump insisted that his eligibility for office was not legal or legitimate. So, he worked to have Obama thrown out of office for years after the election was finalized. Applying the Golden Rule, we should similarly work to declare Trump's election to be illegitimate. The fact that he lost the popular vote and was aided by corrupt interventions by the Soviet Union and the head of the FBI are grounds for declaring his election illegitimate. No one should accept the Trump presidency.

Third, we should organize resistance rallies all across the country. That is what Republicans did to Barack Obama. Tea Party Republicans organized all kinds of resistance tactics to object to Obama policies and worked tirelessly to stop him from implementing any of his agenda. Therefore, public resistance to any of Mr. Trump's policies should be conducted by citizens. It iswhat the Golden Rule says we can and should do. That is how Trump supporters "wish to be treated."

Fourth, we should encourage Democratic members of Congress to do as Mitch McConnell did toMr. Obama: declare him a one term president and do everything possible to obstruct any of his legislative or political agendas. Congress voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act more than 60 times. We should encourage members of Congress to vote against any Trump agenda. In addition, Mr. McConnell refused to hold hearing on a Supreme Court nominee. Democratic Senators should also apply the Golden Rule and do the same...obviously this is what Republicansand McConnell believe are appropriate actions. We need a nominee from a majority of the American people. Mr. Trump does not represent that majority.

Fifth, we should remind Mr. Trump that he is the worst presidential candidate ever. He repeatedly said that President Obama was the worst president ever. He suggested that Russian President Putin was a better leader than Obama and supported Putin/Assad agendas in Syria that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. So comparing Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler and other tyrants is simply implementing the Golden Rule. Do unto others.

Sixth, we should remind the public that Donald Trump is a miserable, despicable human being. He insulted many people during the campaign (and before) suggesting that some women didn't look presidential, that Romney was a "loser", and that Senator McCain wasn't a war hero becausehe "was captured." So reminding people that Trump was a draft dodger, refusing to serve in the Vietnam War, that he likes to "grope women by their private parts", that he thought it was smart not to pay federal income tax, and that the Pope was "disgraceful," indicates that he would like to be insulted and criticized, himself. His critique of the Pope shows he has no respect for individuals in honored leadership roles, so he, himself, should not be spared insults just because he is president. His insults of Mr. Obama demonstrate how much respect he has for a president.

Seventh, his comments about Mrs. Clinton's health, making her unfit and unable to serve as president, remind us that it is OK to tell people that he, too, is sick and unfit for the job. Many individuals, including Mr. Romney, Governor Pawlenty, and former Secretary of State Powell declared him to be unfit for the presidency because of his temperament and judgment. Tony Schwartz , his coauthor on the Art of the Deal, as have many others have called Mr. Trump a sociopath, indicating that he has a psychological disorder. Many of Trump's comments and actions clearly demonstrate he manifests all the traits of a sociopath (see The Sociopath Next Door), so his actions elevating his ego, his inability to accept any loss, and his apparent delusional behavior related to most occurrences of actual fact, surely reinforce this labeling and show that he is indeed, a sick man.

Eighth, he continued to claim that Mrs. Clinton's use of emails was criminal and she should be locked up in prison as a result. He claimed she was a crook, calling her Crooked Hillary. So calling Mr. Trump a crook, citing his apparent fraudulent actions with Trump University where he settled with claimants for $25 million dollars (even though he said he would never settle because such settlement was tantamount to admitting guilt), conducted his illegal charity in New York where they admitted to making disallowed payments where they paid fines for such actions.and ironically, actually deleting emails in some legal cases where he was directed by the judiciary to not do so, is fully justified. So Crooked Donald is a fair charge to make.

And ninth, he criticized Mr. Clinton for having out of marriage affairs and not adhering to morals and values of being faithful to one's spouse. So, Trump's numerous affairs, including the highly public affair with Marla Maples and the subsequent birth of their daughter, Tiffany, out of wedlock, should allow others to call Trump an adulterer and unfaithful husband. In addition, his three marriages indicate that he does not honor the sanctity of marriage and believes you can be married as many times as you wish.

Put all this information together and you have loser Donald, illegitimate Donald, crooked Donald, insulting, despicable Donald, delusional Donald, sociopath Donald, adulterer Donald, and obstructionist Donald. Hopefully he won't start a nuclear war. But certainly he is poised to become the worst president ever to hold the office in the modern era. So, the Golden Rule is an important standard for all people. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And we shall.
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01/14/17 01:03
Pathetic. Sour grapes.

This nonsense about popular vote is useless politically, and purely an attempt to justify the emense errors made by Clinton strategy...or lack of strategy.

The founders understood mathematics, and your arguments favoring a simple majority simply demonstrate your profound ignorance. Sorry to be so blunt but you are arguing that the world is flat and the universe revolves around you.

Pull out the NY and CA votes and trump won by a historic landslide. All the bs that those two states (NY and CA) are uniquely qualified to pick our next President is 'fighting words.' The people in those two states ridicule and shame the inhabitants of the other 48 fly over states because the cannot seem to embrace the immorality that draws those two perverted states to vote for the likes of democrats.

It is that simple.



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